LG is coming out with a UV-sanitizing fridge, because COVID-19

LG fridge
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Those who hoped we had left COVID-19 in 2020 have a new refrigerator to reckon with (well, that and an alarming body of evidence). We’ve seen UV-sanitizing toothbrush holders and phone cases coming out since the outbreak of the pandemic, but LG’s new side-by-side refrigerator has an arguably more useful sanitizing feature. The new "UVnano" refrigerator has a UV-sanitizing water dispenser that will kill 99.9% of the bacteria from the dispenser in 24 hours. 

UV light appliances have been getting a lot of buzz since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but while it’s understandable that people are taking a greater interest in hygiene, many of the products we’ve seen so far have been more gimmicky than genius. What we like about the UVnano refrigerator dispenser is that it kills 99.9% of bacteria on the dispenser, meaning you won’t have to clean it quite so often or worry about nasty buildups making their way into your drink. The UVnano means you’ll be protected from a whole range of nasties, even when COVID-19 is no longer a concern (we can pray, right?) The dispenser seems to do some of the work of a water filter in reducing bacteria, but with a whole lot less effort and maintenance. 

More smart fridge features

A woman placing a circular LG craft ice ball into her drink.

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LG announced the new fridge ahead of CES 2021 (which will run January 11th through January 14th), and it’s already an Innovation Awards Best of Innovation winner. The refrigerator also comes with the same smart door-in-door technology that wins the LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator a spot in our side-by-side fridge guide. By lighting up when you knock on the door to reveal what’s inside, the door-in-door feature is designed to prevent cold air from escaping when you open the fridge door to rummage around inside. The mini door provides a space for all your essentials, meaning you won’t have to open the entire fridge to grab the milk. This model’s door is also 23% larger, with even more visibility. 

Last year, LG also added a spherical ice maker to its french door refrigerators, but it’s featuring the same chic technology in its new side-by-side model. The LG Craft Ice maker produces slow-melting two-inch ice balls that will look the part in a whisky glass or summer spritzer. Select models of the new fridge also come with even more smart speaker features, and you can instruct your LG fridge door to open when your arms are full of groceries to unload.  

CES 2021: What else has LG got in store?

Someone knocking on an InstaView oven to see their chicken cooking inside.

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The sanitizing fridge may be the star of the show, but LG’s new InstaView oven range is another smart rollout that’s bound to be a hit at CES 2021. The LG LTG4715ST is already our top smart pick of the best gas ranges, but the new InstaView range is about to be even smarter. It features the same air fryer mode as earlier models, but comes with a new Sous Vide mode that will slowly cook vacuum-sealed foods to lock in flavor. Unlike sous vide machines, this setting doesn’t need a water bath, which will save on space and cleanup. 

As the name InstaView suggests, you can also knock on this range to see how your meal is cooking inside. We’ll keep you posted with more CES smart home innovations as and when they come, but LG has certainly got the event off to a great start. 

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