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Garden Puzzle Review

Garden Puzzle is simple software that doesn’t require any training. As soon as you have it downloaded on your computer, you can start using it.

Our Verdict

Garden Puzzle is simple, extremely intuitive software that will help you get an idea of the changes you want to make to your landscape, but it has limited functionality for creating a detailed design.


  • This program is very easy to use and makes it easy to add and edit real photos.


  • This Mac software has no topography or 3D design tools.
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Garden Puzzle is simple software that doesn’t require any training. As soon as you have it downloaded on your computer, you can start using it. The interface of this landscape design software for Mac has just enough buttons to get you started, without causing confusion.

Unlike many of the other software packages in our lineup, this program is strictly for landscape and garden design. It doesn’t have home design functionality, which is a plus if you just want to focus on the exterior of your house and want to keep it simple. When it comes to learning the program, this is the only Mac landscape design software in our comparison to get perfect marks for learning curve, navigation and overall ease of use.

However, when it comes to overall functionality, it falls behind the other software in several areas. Its most severe limitation is with the undo/redo feature. The other programs let you undo between 50 and 100 steps and redo the same number. This program only has an undo button, there is no redo, and you can only go back five steps. Since Garden Puzzle is very straightforward this feature may not be as vital as it is with other programs, but this does limit the flexibility of the software. It’s especially frustrating not to have the ability to redo a step that you want to bring back.

Another limitation with this software is there is no topography functionality. You can only design a flat landscape. You won’t be able to customize the elevation of your digital landscape or insert a ditch or a hill where those things exist in your yard. If you have a flat yard, this is obviously not a problem, but for people with a lot of hills and variable elevations this is a problem.

With this program, you are pretty much limited to editing a simple 2D view of your yard or importing a photo of your yard and adding objects to it. There are no 3D views or design tools.

This program makes it very easy to import and edit your own photos. You can drag and drop objects from the library or import your own objects. This program’s plant and object libraries are very limited when compared with most of the other programs. It has 168 items in the object library and 931 in the plant library. Still, this gives you plenty to work with. This software is also limited when it comes to specialty options. It will help you build a fence in your design, but has no options for patio, deck or pool design.

Garden Puzzle is a simple, extremely intuitive program. It lets you edit a 2D drawing or import a photo that you can edit by dragging and dropping objects into it to create the look you want for your yard. This program lacks topography tools for varied elevations in your yard. It has an undo button that only lets you go back five steps, but there is no redo button. This is a good program for simple projects but will present many limitations if you if you are doing major landscape work.