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Punch Landscape Design for Mac 19 Review

Punch Landscape Design for Mac focuses entirely on your landscaping plans, so the tools, features and choices are uniquely geared to make the outdoor area around your home look beautiful.

Our Verdict

Punch Landscape Design for Mac gives you nothing but high-quality landscaping tools and capabilities to make your yard and garden gorgeous.


  • This software provides good graphics in the final rendering of your design.


  • You can use the drag-and-drop tool only in the 3D mode.
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Punch Landscape Design for Mac focuses entirely on your landscaping plans, so the tools, features and choices are uniquely geared to make the outdoor area around your home look beautiful. Unlike some home design software that includes a few landscaping capabilities almost as an afterthought, this program is geared exclusively for creating gardens, decks, fences, walkways. Given its utility, usability and price, it’s the best landscaping design software for Mac you can buy.

The controls within this software are straightforward so you can get started immediately. The interface is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate, and although there is a bit of a learning curve, you can be designing beautiful landscapes soon after you launch the application.

This software includes a handy search function, which not all landscape designing programs for Mac do, so you won't waste precious time hunting for a particular object or plant that you want to position in your design. Instead, you simply type in the name of what you're looking for and it shows up. In addition, the software is equipped with keyboard shortcuts that will make designing a pleasure. Among other things, you can customize the interface, so your work area is set up just as you want it.

When designing, you can start from scratch if you prefer. If you don't, this software is filled with templates that can be the basis for your new landscaping project, or they can be edited so they look the way you want. They can also simply provide inspiration for your own design.
Another helpful feature is an ongoing shopping list that tracks everything you will need – things like bedding plants, boards and nails to build a gazebo – so that is one important task the software does for you automatically.

With this application's QuickStart capability, you can start work on your landscape right away since it is equipped with a tool that will recreate your topography. The built-in site planner will generate your property line when you enter the coordinates of your lot, and you can trace over your topography lines while designing.

Along with workable templates, you also can use the PhotoView tool to import pictures of your home and property, and then edit to your heart's content, adding and subtracting different features to see how they would look. The drag and drop capability make it easy to insert items into your creation, although the plants are in 2D mode.

You can get 3D views and 3D previews of your work, as well as 2D views. However, there is one design problem, namely that you can only use the drag and drop tool to place objects while in the 3D design mode.

This software comes with sophisticated global sun positioning, so you can arrange exact lighting angles depending upon where you are on the Earth and see what your property would look like at a certain time and date. This even accounts for daylight savings time. Other viewing options let you see vegetation as it grows over the years, so you won't mistakenly put a now-tiny, but ultimately fast-growing tree directly in front of a lovely view of your new koi pond.

You can keep tabs on your budget with the helpful cost estimator, which notes what materials you are planning to buy and gives you an updated estimate for material costs.

You get generous libraries to fill your yard, garden, planters and more. The 4,000-object and 4,000-plant libraries offer numerous choices for things to enhance your yard, and it's unlikely you'll get bored or run out of options. This software has a PlantFinder tool that shows what vegetation thrives in what areas, as well as offering advice about soil, sunlight, climate and water requirements.

Once you position plants, you can see them in increments as they grow. Along with that, you get tools to help design an irrigation system with information about water lines, where to put sprinkler heads, backflow valves and rain sensors.

This landscaping software for Mac is equipped with patio and deck templates, along with tools to create and refine them. You also can add all manner of fences and pricey, but fun things like swimming pools to your design.

Punch Landscape Design for Mac gets top grades for customer support. You can email or phone the company, or check the FAQs section on its website, to get answers to questions. You also get access to online user forums where others might hold the answer to what you want to know. In addition, you can read the online manual or watch one of the many instructional videos for help. You get a free 90-day trial with a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with this software.

One of the most attractive things about this software is the price. It’s a fully formed landscaping program that only runs about $60. And while it’s not the cheapest in our comparison, it’s affordable and delivers a great deal for the money you spend on it. However, if you want a more comprehensive home design solution you might want to spring for this program’s older brother Punch Home Design Studio for Mac.

Punch Landscape Design for Mac is an excellent choice for redoing your property. It gives you a wealth of tools to work with, plenty of templates to get things started, the ability to view and then edit your design, and solid customer support. Whether you simply want to add a few extra flower beds or a vegetable garden, or you want to invest in a gorgeous backyard rose garden with a big gazebo to hold a wedding, this landscape software for Mac can it all.