Meet the Smart Dresser - the latest high-tech addition to your bedroom

Meet the Smart Dresser: The latest high-tech addition to your bedroom
(Image credit: Samsung)

We’ve covered the 5 new smart products that’ll be coming to your kitchen in 2020, but it looks like bedrooms are also due a high-tech makeover. A new product from Samsung comes in the form of a smart closet, which promises to steam clean and deodorize your clothes, keeping them fresh whilst you store them. It’s due to launch in April, taking after the recently released LG Styler. 

The AirDresser uses jet air and jet hangers to blow air into the clothes and shake off dust and debris, then tackles bacteria and germs using high-powered steam. And that’s not all, there’s also a deodorizing filter which gets rid of pesky lingering smells like food, sweat and smoke. Finally, the AirDresser will use pump drying to, you guessed it, dry your clothes. No need to put high-quality or delicate items in your dryer - Samsung claims this function will reduce damage and shrinking of clothes, meaning your best suit or cherished cashmere sweater will be in safe hands. The AirDresser also offers a distinct benefit to those who wear shirts to work, as you can simply put your shirt in the dresser and switch to the Wrinkle Care setting to tackle wrinkles and creases as you sleep! 

Meet the Smart Dresser: The latest high-tech addition to your bedroom

(Image credit: Samsung)

It may well put even the best irons out of a job, but the Samsung AirDresser won’t be giving the best front load washers a run for their money - at least not yet. The Samsung AirDresser is for use in addition to traditional washing machines, meaning it can prolong wear time between washes but won’t clean your clothes as deeply as a water-based washer will. For a price of around $1400, it also won’t come cheap. That being said, it’s less expensive than the already-released LG Styler, which typically sells for $2200 (but is currently on sale with $800 off - you’re welcome). Unlike washers, however, the AirDresser will fit happily into most bedrooms (or laundry rooms, if you so desire) due to its slim build and the fact that it won’t require a fixed water supply or drainage. It also claims that it’s so quiet a baby could sleep through its cleaning cycle. Even the best dryers can’t say that.

Do you need a smart dresser?  

Short answer? Of course not. This is a new technology, and like most of the new tech we saw at CES this year, it isn’t by any means essential. Rather, it’s here to make life run that little bit smoother. If you have the money to spare and not the time to be running constant laundry cycles, it’ll definitely be a worthwhile consideration. 

A lot of the newest home tech releases seem a bit too futuristic to consider buying right now (hello, seemingly-floating hammock bathtubs), but we think the Samsung AirDresser or LG Stylist are both realistic innovations that speak to the issues on everyone’s mind right now. There’s a clear environmental prerogative being displayed here, with many consumers looking to Energy Star efficient models to ensure that their washers use as little water as necessary to get the job done. After all, nearly 22% of indoor home water use comes from doing laundry. 

A lot of us are guilty of throwing our barely worn clothing on the floor or into the laundry hamper after a long day at work, but the era of the smart dresser will use steam to help change all that. It’s not just shirts and suits that will reap the rewards, either. Daily-use items like jeans and bras (which you really shouldn’t be over-washing as it is) can be given a new lease of life overnight, saving you water and energy and giving your washing machine a well-earned break. It may not be a must-buy right now, but the smart dresser sets the tone for the future of laundry. 

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