Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge review

The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge is a fun, retro-style mini fridge that is small enough to fit in a car or on a desk.

Koolatron KWCA4
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The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge is tiny but ideal for your car or RV as it's portable.


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    Can be powered in the car

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    Very small capacity

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    No freezer

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The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge has been designed to provide a fun space to store a couple of drinks, even when you're in the car.

This mini fridge won't be suitable for storing all of your beers or even your groceries, but that's not what it was made to do either. Instead, this mini fridge can be charged in the house or via your car's DC outlet, so that you can use it when you're out and about. 

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Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge: Features

The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge is definitely mini - it is only 12 inches tall and weighs a mere 4.7 pounds. It has by far the smallest capacity of the fridges we reviewed at 14 cubic feet. That’s enough room to chill a handful of soda cans, which is exactly what it is made for. This Koolatron mini fridge is red, and the door is marked with the Coca-Cola name and the company’s signature polar bear.

Its door has a self-locking handle with a latch that turns, and inside, the plastic-lined compartment is big enough to hold six soft drink cans. It has one removable shelf, but given its size, there isn’t a freezer compartment. 

This small fridge plugs into a standard 110-volt AC outlet. However, you can also power it with the 12-volt DC outlet in your car.

Rather than using a compressor, the KWC4 has a thermoelectric cooling system – it uses a fan to pull heat from the fridge and out through a set of grilles on the back too keep its contents cool. With this cooling system, the fridge can keep drinks 32 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature. Its motorized fan keeps the fridge from getting hot, too. The fan makes a whirring sound, but it is quieter than a compressor cooling system.

Another benefit of the fridge’s thermoelectric system is it doesn’t vibrate like a compressor system. As such, the KWC4 is stable and can be used in moving vehicles, and it doesn’t require leveling feet or a stability bar to keep its balance.

Obviously being such a small unit, the Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge doesn't have an in-built freezer or some of the other features larger mini fridges offer. 

Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge: User reviews

The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge scored an average of 4.2 stars out of five. The most positive reviews mention how this fridge is 'quite powerful and a really good size.' One other review said that this fridge can store up to six cans. 

Criticisms come in the form of comments that say this fridge is 'noisy' and the 'cable is very short' to connect it to the power.

Should you buy the Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge?

The Koolatron KWC4 mini fridge is a tiny, novelty fridge which is ideal for kids' bedrooms or storing drinks on the go in your car. It is lacking space and a freezer, but for its size, you probably wouldn't be expecting those things either. 

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