Peachtree Financial Solutions is a Pennsylvania-based financial company that specializes in buying structured settlement annuities. In 2011 it was purchased by J.G. Wentworth but continues to operate under the Peachtree name. 

If you've received a structured settlement resulting from a lawsuit or insurance-related matter, Peachtree Financial can buy the annuity and give you a single lump sum. You can also sell a portion of your settlement and continue receiving payments at a future date. Be aware that you will sell the annuity at a discount and won't get the full amount of your settlement if you sell.

Peachtree's website contains useful information about the various financial situations that may necessitate the selling of a structured annuity. These can include buying a home or car, paying off your debt, starting a business, paying for school, or paying for medical expenses.

Peachtree, along with other structured settlement companies such as Novation also purchase lottery winnings, which can often be set up in a structured annuity. As opposed to other kinds of structured annuities which are tax-free, lottery winnings are taxed.

Peachtree can also help you get pre-settlement funding, which allows you to get an advance on the potential winnings of a settlement.

The website contains information and FAQs about the selling process, including an outline that spells out the various steps you'll go through to sell your structured settlement. You'll need to get a judge to sign off on the agreement, and, depending on which state you live in, you may need to consult an independent financial advisor. The average length of time it takes to sell a settlement is between 60 to 90 days.

There is little information on Peachtree's website about the rates and fees associated with selling your settlement. You will have to request a quote to find out how much you'll receive.

Peachtree Financial Solutions is a structured settlement company owned and operated by J.G Wentworth. You can sell your annuity in exchange for a single cash payment, which you can then use to pay down debt, buy a home or pay for medical expenses. The sale, however, is contingent on a judge's approval and, typically, you won't receive your payout until a month or two after the sale is finalized.

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