Strategic Capital's website emphasizes repeatedly that not everyone should sell their structured annuity settlement. It recognizes, however, certain situations where having all or part of a structured annuity immediately might be a better option. Education or sudden illness are two such examples the company cites. Whatever your reasons for cashing out your structured settlement, Strategic Capital can work with you. 

You can sell only part of your annuity, something Strategic does as well as J.G Wentworth. In fact, one of its missions is to "tap into the structured settlement as little as possible…addressing the client's current needs while at the same time trying to help the client avoid problems in the future."

The first step in the annuity cash-out process is discussing your needs with a counselor. Before Strategic Capital even talks about how much you can get for your structured annuity, however, the counselors discuss your needs and your situation. Is there another way to raise the money? Could you restructure your settlement payments instead?

If you've decided selling your annuity settlement is the best course, it gives you a quote and sends you the contract. While you should (or may be required to) check with a lawyer, Strategic Capital encourages you to take the contract to a lawyer. Once you've approved the contract, it then takes the contract to its lawyers to apply for the change in the settlement payments or sale of the entire structured annuity. Once it has all the approval paperwork, it takes about 72 hours to get you your money.

Strategic Capital's streamlined the process means it often gets settlements approved and money sent to you in as little as 18 days. This varies by state regulations and the complexity of the settlement.

This structured annuity settlement buyer can work with structured settlements from lawsuits or insurance, lottery or casino winnings, and structured annuities that you may have bought or inherited and now need to sell.

The website has many useful links, including suggestions for alternate ways to get the money you need without selling your structured settlement. You can find each state's statutes for structured settlements as well.

Strategic Capital is a structured settlement buyer in every state. Its website has letters of recommendation from several lawyer associations.

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