Outgrown your smartphone? Fujifilm's X-T200 could be the camera for you

Fujifilm X-T200
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm is making some of the best mirrorless cameras you can buy right now, and the launch of the X-T200 looks set to continue that trend. 

Replacing the X-T100, the X-T200 is aimed at those who've perhaps outgrown their smartphone's camera capabilities and are now looking for something with superior image quality, advanced photographic controls, and interchangeable lenses. At the same time, the Fujifilm doesn't want users to have to sacrifice the large touchscreens that they've become accustomed to, so the X-T200 features one of the largest rear displays going at 3.5-inches. It's not just the size that impresses, with the X-T200 touchscreen display featuring a clever hinged mechanism that sees the screen able to be tilted away from the body for either waist-level or elevated shooting, while it can also be pulled outwards for those who fancy shooting selfies. Complementing this is a electronic viewfinder (known as an EVF) that boasts a 0.39-inch display featuring a 2.36-million dot resolution and a magnification of 0.62x. 

Improved autofocus performance

The X-T200 also promises an improved autofocus performance, with the new camera now supporting 140k phase-detect pixels (compared to just 16k on the X-T100), as well as better phase-detect autofocus coverage (now covering the whole sensor and not just the central 25% on the X-T100) and more selectable autofocus points (425 vs 91). That's not forgetting the improved algorithm that has improved Face/ Eye Detection AF performance.

While the resolution remains the same at 24.3MP, Fujifilm's engineers have swapped out the aluminum wiring for copper for 3.5x faster readout times, helping burst shooting speeds now hit 8fps (frames per second). It's not just stills capture that's been enhanced, but the X-T200 significantly improves on the X-T100's video capabilities, making it now possible to shoot un-cropped 4K video at up to 30fps (the X-T100 was limited to a rather restrictive 15fps).

Fujifilm's also managed to shave a bit of weight off the X-T200, weighing in at 0.8lbs / 370g (body only) - that's some 0.18bs / 80g lighter than the X-T100, while the grip has been enlarged for more comfortable hand-holding.  

Price, color, and availability

The X-T200 is available as a kit with the XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ standard zoom lens in three colors (Silver, Dark Silver, and Champagne) and will be priced at $799.95 / £749 and available from 27th Feb 2020. 

Like the look of the X-T200 but can't wait until the end of February? Expect the X-T100 to be heavily discounted, making one of the best beginner's cameras. Check out the latest prices below: 

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