Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review

The Outland Living Mega Fire Pit is big, hot, and powered by propane. It sure looks the part, but is it all style no substance?

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit
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While we'd be hesitant to pick it over a wood alternative, there's little argument that the convenience and safety of Outland Living's propane pit makes it a very compelling option, particularly in areas with fire restrictions.


  • +

    Little maintenance required

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    Very portable

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    Highly convenient


  • -

    Clinical flame

  • -

    Drinks propane fast

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The Outland Living Mega Fire Pit isn't your standard fire pit. It doesn't burn wood or charcoal: it's a propane burner. That means it can sidestep the campfire bans that stop many wood-fueled pits from being usable during the summer, and has a host of other advantages too.

We know this won't be for everyone - so check our guide to the best fire pits if you're interested in the more rugged side of things - but for some people, this Mega Fire Pit will be the perfect option to add warmth and atmosphere once the sun dips.

We'll discuss this further in our Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review, but we'd also argue that this beauty is so powerful and stylish, it could rival many of the very best patio heaters. Let's take a closer look at it now, in terms of spec, design, features and user reviews, to find out if it's the ideal choice for your next evening get-together.

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: Overview

The word 'Mega' in its name is a clue to the size of the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit, which is the largest in Outland Living's range of propane pits at 24" across. It includes a hose and regulator, so you simply need to hook it up to a 20lb gas bottle and let rip.

Compared to wood-burning fire pits it's super flexible. There's basically no clean up, there's no smoke, no heat underneath, and it's a perfect choice to take on a camping trip. One of the best gas grills this is not, however - it's meant for heat and light, but not designed for cooking beyond the odd s'more.

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review

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Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: Spec

  • MSRP: $179.99
  • Type: Propane
  • Dimensions: 24" x 13"
  • Weight: 34lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • What’s included: Lava rocks, propane tank stabilizer ring, cover, hose & regulator

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit

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Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: Design

The main bowl of the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit is made of powder-coated and enameled steel in an attractive shiny black, with flame-shaped cutouts to allow air in through the sides. There's a stainless steel burner ring in the center of the firebowl, and a lava rock set included to cover it, effectively spreading out the flames and providing a little residual heat once they're up to temperature.

The Outland Living Mega Fire Pit stands on four feet, though it lacks the foot-rest ring of something like the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit. That's no bad thing since all of its heat is directed up and out, with none wasted warming the floor - which also means you could place this on a deck or grass without worrying about scorching the ground underneath.

All-in-all, this is a very innofensive design. It's not about fooling people that they're sat in front of a wood burner, and indeed this is more squat than most wood pits, around 13 inches from the bottom of the fire bowl to the top, because it doesn't need that extra capacity; this is about providing heat and light, not cramming in as many logs as possible.

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: Features

There are a number of huge advantages to opting for the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit over a comparatively-priced wood fire pit. You can adjust the size of the flames via the chromed knob on the front.

The means you'll save propane when you're going for a more atmospheric look, completely stopping the fire in a second. Try that with a wood-burning pit! That said, there's no piezo ignition here, so don't forget to pack a long-handled lighter. 

The Outland Living Mega Fire Pit comes with a cover, though opinions vary over quite how watertight it is. Stashing it in an outbuilding inside Outland Living's $40 Mega Carry bag may be a good choice, and it'll be particularly handy if you're likely to take this fire pit camping.

The burner itself outputs a huge 58,000 BTUs, so you're likely to see the bottom of a propane bottle in around six hours. That might seem like it'll prove expensive over time, but by our reckoning, a bottle exchange will cost less than the firewood it would take to run the Solo Stoves Yukon for six hours. And as low-smoke as the Yukon is, the Mega Fire Pit is 100% smoke-free.

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: How could it benefit you?

Besides providing warmth and some pretty gas flames to heat up an otherwise cool evening, the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit has a number of massive benefits. It might not seem like the kind of thing that would satisfy if you're looking for a wood-burning pit, but consider this:

  • If you're somewhere with a campfire ban, this is CSA-approved, so you can (in most cases) safely enjoy your fire pit without skirting the rules.
  • There are no sparks, embers, or smoke to worry about, and a cool base means it can be put on any outdoor surface.
  • It's easy to pack away or throw into a vehicle when you're traveling - without the mess or smell of a wood burner.
  • There's very little cleaning or maintenance required, and no need to constantly refuel over the course of the evening.

Outland Living Mega Fire Pit review: User reviews

Matching the Tiki Brand Fire Pit with a massive 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon (accrued over around seven years on the market), it's fair to say that the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit has been very well received - and much of this positive attention comes thanks to Outland Living's excellent customer support, which has helped many owners out of a bind.

Virtually everyone is pleased with the heat and flame output, though it seems you cannot simply pour in the lava rocks and be done. "You don’t want to obstruct the holes at all," says one reviewer, as "this will allow the flames to cascade around the larger rocks creating a high flame of four to ten inches."

Others praise the long propane hose, which puts your bottle safely away from the flame and means it's realistic for people to sit all the way around the Mega Fire Pit without obstruction - there's even a stand provided for a 20lb bottle to ensure it stays upright on uneven ground.

Should you buy the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit?

Although it doesn't provide the raw experience of a wood-burning fire pit, the benefits of the propane burning makeup of the Outland Living Mega Fire Pit could mean it's one of the only fire pits that's viable for your yard. 

Even outside of its CSA approval, it produces a very directional heat which means you can set it on any surface, it's easy to get burning and just as easy to stop, and it's one of the most portable fire pits going. That's not just a measure of its weight - it's one of cleanliness and convenience.

If you live somewhere without regular fire restrictions, though, and don't mind a little cleanup now and then, we'd be much more inclined to suggest a brilliant low-smoke wood burner like the Tiki Brand Fire Pit, and perhaps picking up one of Outland's cheaper, smaller propane pits if you're hitting the road.

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