PhotoDirector 365 lands on Mac with fresh features and Shutterstock integration

PhotoDirector 365 finally arrives on Mac, and it brought a few surprises with it
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If you're a Mac user and a keen photographer, you've always been denied access to CyberLink's PhotoDirector subscriptions... until now. After several years of asking, the subscription version of PhotoDirector 365 is now available for Apple devices, and it has brought a few fresh features with it, which are available on both the new Mac version, and the existing PC version.

PhotoDirector 12 sits high among our picks of the best photo editing software for good reason - it's powerful, easy to use, and comes with a raft of features that allow beginners to add sparkle to their photos with very little effort. It's available as a single download, or as part of the popular 365 packages that are subscription-based, and grant you access to cloud storage and Shutterstock royalty free assets for design projects. You can either choose the PhotoDirector 365 service, or bundle in PowerDirector (CyberLink's video editing software) with the Director Suite 365.

Speaking on the Mac launch of PhotoDirector 365 suite for Mac, Cyberlink CEO, Dr. Jau Huang, says: "Today’s release highlights our mission to deliver creative software that is intuitive to users of all skill levels, from occasional enthusiasts to professional creators, with a rich and constantly improving set of features, tools and add-ons optimized to fully support their creative potential." We use PhotoDirector 12 along with rival app Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC, and can attest to how easy it is to use.

PhotoDirector 365 for Mac

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Also new to this version of PhotoDirector are several features sure to please the Instagram crowd. Auto Color Enhancement will make it easier to balance your color mix if you don't want to spend time tweaking individual aspects of the mix - ideal if you're editing on an iOS device. There's also a new option to add Bokeh Effect to your images, which will increase the depth of field in a photograph, and significantly blur a background. Very handy for portraits and action shots. You also get salient object segmentation, which is handy for design projects and removing unwanted objects from your images.

If you sign up for PhotoDirector 365 you'll get access to the iOS app as part of the package, which means you'll be able to edit photos on your smartphone (handy for Nikon Snapbridge users, for example) for speed, and post direct to services like Instagram. It's also useful for sharing edits across devices, as all the images you import to PhotoDirector (along with their edits) will be stored in the cloud, and can be accessed on any device you're logged into. You get 50GB of storage on the regular PhotoDirector 365 subscription.

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