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Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit Review

The Safety Turtle 2.0 wearable pool alarm is easy to use and always accurate.

Our Verdict

The Safety Turtle 2.0 is a fun, accurate wearable pool alarm perfect for knowing whether your young children or pets have fallen into the pool.


  • It doesn’t require batteries.


  • It’s expensive.
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The Safety Turtle 2.0 wearable pool alarm is easy to use and always accurate. It attaches to your child’s clothing or is worn on their wrist, so you don’t have to worry about false alarms caused by severe weather or a loose towel or tree branch blowing into the pool. This alarm comes in the form of two turtle bracelets: The alarm itself is a green plastic turtle about the size of a silver dollar affixed to a black fabric strap. The bracelet latches shut with a small black closure that requires a key to open and close. That way, your kiddo can’t wriggle out of it. The bracelet can be secured small enough for a toddler or large enough for an adult. You could even wrap it around Fido’s collar to make sure he doesn’t jump in the pool unattended.

The alarm sounds when the bracelet gets wet, and in our tests, it worked 100 percent of the time. It puts out 98.7 decibels of sound, and while that makes it the second-quietest alarm we tested, you’ll definitely still hear it. If you want the loudest alarm, you should take a look at the SmartPool PE23 PoolEye AG/IG.

Another perk to using the Safety Turtle is it works no matter how large or small your pool is – alarms that float on the surface or install on the side of your pool all have maximum ranges and require a second alarm for anything beyond that. Since this alarm is a bracelet, we flicked some water at it to simulate your child washing their hands and found it didn’t erroneously go off. If your kid completely dunks it under the running water, the alarm will sound, but if they are young enough to require assistance at a sink, you can make sure it doesn’t get too wet.

The bracelet doesn’t require charging, and the internal batteries are expected to last between three and five years, depending on how often it’s used. The bracelets are lightweight and easy to use, and frankly, the little turtle is absolutely adorable. The downside is the batteries can’t be replaced; you have to buy replacement bracelets when they die. The alarm package includes two bracelets, a bracelet key and a remote receiver. We admit they’re pretty expensive, but replacement bracelets and pet adapter attachments don’t cost a lot. One Safety Turtle receiver can accommodate an unlimited number of alarm units, so you can get a bracelet for every member of your family.

The receiver plugs into a power outlet and can be mounted up to 200 feet away from the pool, the most common range we saw for the pool alarms we tested. The Brickhouse Pool Alarm, however, can be mounted up to 300 feet away, so you want to use that one if you have a large backyard. The Safety Turtle receiver has a simple push-button to mute the alarm if it sounds, a feature we really liked compared to units that require an external key or have unlabeled buttons.

We liked this pool alarm because it’s easy to use and eliminates the possibility of false alarms due to weather. You also don’t have to remember to charge anything or replace batteries, which is perfect for busy parents who already have a lot to worry about.

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