Solar Sun Rings review

The Solar Sun Rings are solar pool heaters which offer an affordable alternative to an electric pool heater.

Solar Sun Rings review
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The Solar Sun Rings are a good value pool heater but they aren't as powerful as other heaters.


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    No running costs

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    No lengthy installation


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    Not as powerful as other models

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    Can be too light to stay in the pool

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The Solar Sun Rings pool heater is ideal if you prefer not to install heavy equipment to heat your pool. What's more, The Solar Sun Rings won't give you any running costs as they don't require any electrical hookup at all. These rings use the sun to increase the temperature of your swimming pool by several degrees and hold heat in once the pool begins to warm.

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Solar Sun Rings pool heater: What you need to know

The Solar Sun Rings are clear flat inflatable disks that are designed to sit on top of the water in your pool. Each is equipped with magnets that hold the disks to one another. The magnets also work together to help decrease the hardness of your pool water. The disks have prisms that attract the rays of the sun and hold the heat in your pool water. This solar pool heater acts in much the same way as a solar blanket with the exception that you do not have to struggle with a large piece of material on top of your pool. You can use these disks with any type and size of swimming pool, whether it is in-ground or above ground.

The Solar Sun Rings pool heater's disks run off the solar energy from the sun. They do not require any extra hookups, and you don't need to pay extra on your gas or electric bill. Once you've made the initial purchase, you won't need to spend any more money. 

One issue with these solar heaters though, is if you do not get a lot of sun where your pool sits, they are not going to work as efficiently as a traditional gas or electric pool heater. You also have to remove the rings each time you use the pool, and then put them back on your pool once you get out of the water.

It is recommended that you purchase at least one Sun Ring for every 50 square feet of water surface area. A 10 x 20-foot swimming pool needs at least four Sun Rings for the most efficient use. Every Sun Ring that is in direct sunlight puts out around 1,070 BTU per square foot. For the best result, you should make sure the Sun Rings cover at least 70 to 80% of the surface water of your pool. The more empty space you allow, the more heat escapes.

It's also worth pointing out that the Solar Sun Rings are not a replacement for a pool cover, which keeps the heat in. 

Should you buy the Solar Sun Rings pool heater?

If your pool tends to stay warm, the rings will keep the heat from escaping and may help raise the temperature of the water a few degrees, but they really can compete for a powerful pool heater like the Pentair 460737 MasterTemp. The Solar Sun Rings are an economical, environmentally-friendly option of heating an in-ground or above-ground pool.

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