Luma Comfort EC45S review

The Luma Comfort EC45S indoor portable evaporative air cooler is an eco-friendly unit that can lower the temperature in a small space using less than half the power of an average lightbulb.

Luma Comfort EC45S

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The Luma Comfort EC45S is a convenient, affordable portable evaporative cooler that works well in small rooms, though you might want a more powerful unit for a medium- or large-size room.


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    The Luma Comfort EC45S is compact, about the same size as a tower fan.


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    It isn't powerful enough to cool rooms over 100 square feet.

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The Luma Comfort EC45S is a portable evaporative air cooler is an eco-friendly unit that can lower the temperature in a small space using less than half the power of an average lightbulb. Because of its low airflow, this unit performs at its best in places like small bedrooms and workspace cubicles. It’s the most affordable unit we evaluated, costing around $130 – much less than the $150 average among the products we reviewed. To check out the other option, head to our guide of the best portable swamp coolers (opens in new tab)

With an airflow rating of 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM), the EC45S isn’t close to being the most powerful portable evaporative cooler we reviewed, a distinction that goes to the Honeywell CO60PM (opens in new tab). However, it can lower temperatures in small enclosed areas. According to Luma Comfort, the EC45S works well in spaces no larger than 100 square feet and may also be effective on small decks and patios. Since the Luma Comfort EC45S only uses 45 watts of power, it costs little to operate – around $4 for the summer months. As such, it can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning.

The unit’s built-in caster wheels make it easy to move, even when its reservoir tank is full – although the tank only holds up to 1.6 gallons, so it isn’t too heavy. The EC45S’s tank fits tightly in place. However, it can be difficult to access, according to customer reviews we found during our research.

With its sleek body and silver casing, the Luma Comfort EC45S blends into any home or office decor. The cooler is shaped like a tower fan, with a circular base and top. It stands just over 37 inches tall and weighs only 12.8 pounds, which makes easier to move around than any other portable swamp cooler we reviewed.

In addition, the EC45S includes a remote control, adjustable timer, multi-speed fan and wide-range oscillation. The remote control works from short distances, and the unit has an onboard storage pocket for its safekeeping. You can set the timer for up to eight hours at a time. Also, the cooler’s illuminated digital control panel makes it easy to operate in low lighting.

The tower’s oscillating fan turn a full 90 degrees to evenly distribute cool air, and you can turn off the water pump to use the unit as a traditional fan. It also has a dust filter, which traps airborne particles and cleans the air. The Luma Comfort EC45S comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard among portable evaporative coolers.