Champion Power 75531i Review

The Champion Power 75531i Inverter Generator is one of the best portable generators you can take on a camping trip.

Champion Power 75531i Review

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If you're a serious camper, this is the generator you want.


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    Lightweight, portable and provides just enough outlets to get you through a trip.


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    Not an adequate home backup power supply.

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The Champion Power 75531i 3100W Inverter Generator is one of the best portable generators you can take on a camping trip. It’s small, light and durable and provides enough power and outlets to make sure your devices and appliances stay charged and working. It’s also very quiet, only putting out about 58 dB of sound. It’s gasoline powered and has a 1.6-gallon fuel tank – so it will last about eight hours on a full tank with a 25 percent load. This means it is not ideal for a home backup supply, but will be invaluable for camping trips, tailgating parties and daytrips.

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This portable generator, however, features a 171 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke OHV engine. It produces 2,800 running watts and 3,100 starting watts. This is enough power to run basic items like laptop computers, small televisions, portable air conditioners and even some small power tools. It will keep your devices like smartphones and tablets charged and working. It’s not a great option for powering heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators and washers, but it will cover your basic needs.

The generator’s fuel tank holds 1.6 gallons of gasoline. This isn’t very much, but it will last you about eight hours on a 25 percent load. So, if you’re planning to use it consistently over the course of a few days, you’ll want to bring some extra gas with you.

The control panel on this camping generator gives you multiple plugin options. You get two 120-volt outlets (like those found in your home), a 12V DC outlet that resembles your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and one RV-ready TT-30R socket. While it’s not a comprehensive array, these are great options for a portable generator of this size.

This is a relatively quiet portable generator. On average, you should expect it to put off about 58 dB of sound. This is one of the quietest generators we encountered – which makes it great for camping because it’s not likely to keep you awake all night.

One of the more convenient aspects of this camping generator is its wireless remote start. The remote control can start the generator from up to 80 feet away. So, if you’re coming back from a hike, you can start your generator as you approach the campsite and have it working when you stroll up.

Another reason this generator is great for camping is it is very light and portable compared to full size generators. It only weighs 96 pounds and has built-in carrying handles and wheels for easy mobility. It’s small enough to fit in any trunk. Unless you’re backpacking into the wilderness, you should be able to get it to any camping site with few problems.

The Champion Power 75531i 3100W Inverter is the perfect portable generator for camping. You’ll be able to use it to power your essential devices when you’re out in the wilderness. It’s relatively light and easily packed. Its tank is small but holds enough fuel to keep the absolute necessities going. It’s one of the best portable generators you can buy for your next overnight trip.

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