Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11 - which cordless vacuum is best?

Proscenic is a newer smart home appliances brand. Founded in 2013, Proscenic makes a series of home appliances, including air fryers, cordless, and robot vacuum cleaners, and claims they’re ‘dedicated to providing global users with the best solutions, products and services’ to improve our quality of life.

Given they’re not as well-known as the likes of Bissell or Dyson, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether the Proscenic P11 or P12 measure up alongside the best cordless vacuums.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are some of the most convenient cleaning solutions you can pick up for your home, chiefly because they do away with the hassle of being limited to the length of a power cable. Like many other cordless options on the market, both the Proscenic P11 and Proscenic P12 come with more advanced features, such as multiple suction levels and onboard lights, to help you spot particles you otherwise might have missed around your home. 

The Proscenic P11 features three cleaning modes, a long runtime, and a range of attachments to tackle multiple cleaning tasks around the home. It also comes with a companion app that tracks your cleaning history and can remind you to change the HEPA filter inside the machine. 

The Proscenic P12 vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of the same features (an LED display, impressive runtime, similar form factor, multiple suction levels) but also includes some useful extras like dust-identifying headlights and a five-stage filtration system that includes not one but two HEPA filters.

Below, we’ll take a deep dive into the Proscenic P11 and P12 cordless vacuum cleaners, comparing their core features, cleaning performance, and price to reveal which one comes out on top as one of the best vacuum cleaners overall.  

The Proscenic P12 LED display.

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11: Design

If you’re planning on splashing some cash on a new vacuum cleaner, you’ll want it to deliver tip-top performance, as well as look nice when it's not in use. Thankfully, Proscenic has done a great job of designing two very appealing cordless vacuum cleaners in the P11 and P12, but which one comes out on top? 

Both the P11 and P12 were sleekly designed and made them feel like more premium units than the price would suggest. Both units come in grey colorways. The P12 is charcoal with lighter grey accents, whilst the P11 is a similarly stylish lighter grey with shocks of electric blue or red used to highlight functions and buttons on the body and attachments.

Both also feature touch-screen displays that will flag alerts and can be used to change suction levels, and both the P11 and P12 can be transformed into handheld vacuums for extra utility. LED lighting is also built into the primary brush heads of both units, though the bright green Vertect™ lighting built into the P12’s brush head is designed to actually help detect dust rather than just to help see under furniture.

During use, we felt that the P11 felt heavy in the hand, and our reviewer said they started to feel wrist strain after 20 minutes of use. That being said, they also noted that there’s not a lot of space for your hand on the P12, so both have ergonomic issues to keep in mind.

Where the units differ most widely is the dustbin. The P11 features a smaller dustbin that is mounted horizontally above the handle, whereas it's set forward and oriented vertically from the handle on the P12. Unfortunately, this didn’t make that much of a difference when it came to emptying the dustbin out, which proved to be a messier experience than other vacuum cleaners. 

In both cases, hair and debris got tangled around the inner filter in both units, meaning you had to reach in and dig out some trash by hand. We did note that replacing the dust cap on the P11 was a fiddly process in comparison to the P12’s point-and-shoot release catch.

Ultimately, both the Proscenic P11 and P12 are appealing, but we’d argue the Proscenic P12 has the edge thanks to its larger-capacity dustbin, the improved VertectTM headlights, and its extra maneuverability. 

Image shows the Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

The Proscenic P11 in handheld mode. (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley.)

Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11: Features

There’s a decent range of crossover between the Proscenic P12 and P11, including HEPA filtration, the ability to transform into smaller handheld units, adjustable suction, and the ability to wall mount both units for space-saving storage.  

The P11 has three cleaning modes — Eco, Auto, and Max — with Auto mode leaving the machine to detect which areas of your home need more power. In the box, you’ll get an electric floor brush equipped with LED lights to see underneath furniture suited to all floor types, plus a mini motorized brush for upholstery and mattresses, a round dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a cleaning tool to help with any potential tangles in the brushes. We said the linked smart app you can download felt superfluous, barring the reminders to replace the filters.

The P12 has a total of four suction levels, offering just that little bit more control over your cleaning power. Its other standout features are the green LED headlights built into the front of the main brush. These produce an angled green beam that helps to identify dust particles and debris you might not spot during cleaning. 

The main floor brush is also equipped with a V-shaped bristle, a hair-lifting groove, and a hair removal comb to try and reduce tangling during the cleaning process. We’d again also highlight the impressive 0.3-gallon dustbin, which is significantly larger than some other cordless stick vacuums on the market. 

The P12 also comes with a retractable vacuum tube and 180-degree swivel steering to make the cleaning process even easier. As for attachments, you’ll get a 2-in-1 dusting brush and a long crevice tool along with the brush head. 

The Proscenic P12 main unit

The Proscenic P12 without attachments. (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11: Noise Levels

During testing, we record the decibel levels for both Proscenic cordless vacuum cleaners at both their lowest and maximum suction levels. Both devices clocked in around the usual level you’d expect for a vacuum cleaner, though at its quietest, the P12 registered levels almost 10 dB lower than its predecessor.

The Proscenic P11 registered a range of 71 and 77 dB, depending on the mode you choose. Meanwhile, the P12 clocked in at 63 decibels on its lowest setting, with the max suction level clocking in at 78. 

63 decibels is definitely quieter than some competitors — the Dyson V15 Detect operates around 69 decibels, for example — so if you’re after a quiet vacuum, the Proscenic P12 could be a good option for you.  

The Proscenic P12 vacuuming test

The P12 was the quieter unit during use.  (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11: Performance

There’s a clear winner in the cleaning department: The Proscenic P12. 

We were not too impressed with the P11’s cleaning power, especially when it came to pet hair. Whilst the floors looked clean, the relative lack of debris in the dustbin suggested that it wasn’t picking everything up. And given it performed better with finer, smaller particles when we tested it with oats and cookie crumbs on hardwood surfaces and carpets, we suspected that the P11 just wasn’t that good for picking up pet hair… which isn’t ideal, as that’s one of the things Proscenic says it’s great for. 

We also found fault with the attachments. The main brush head was fine enough, but it wasn’t designed for edge-to-edge cleaning and wasn’t as easy to maneuver as we’d like. The dusting brush rotates during use, meaning you regularly need to reset the angle, and we found the mini-motorized stair brush wasn’t fit for purpose, either. 

That said, the Proscenic P11 does excel in the battery life department. At max power, you’ll get about 15 minutes of cleaning time, whilst operating in Eco mode gives you an hour’s worth of cleaning time, beating quite a few competitors. The P11 was fully charged in 2.5 hours, and one full charge was sufficient for our reviewer to vacuum their entire house, including dusting skirting boards and window sills. The P11 also has an auto mode which identifies areas with more dirt and debris, switching gears to power up without needing your input. 

By comparison, the P12 handled all kinds of daily challenges well. It tackled pet hair, mud, and ash shavings with ease. The Proscenic P12 also picked up finer particles, such as flour and cookie crumbs, in one to two passes of the floor brush on both hard floors and carpets. And whilst it doesn’t come with many attachments, we said the two that come in the box are both well-suited to the jobs they’re designed for. 

The P12’s battery took just over 3 hours to fully charge up, and the LED display handily shows a percentage (up until the unit is fully charged) whilst it is plugged in so you can gauge when it is ready once again. We found that, on its default setting (level 2), we got 33 minutes of cleaning time, which was also more than enough to clean the whole home. Going by our experiences, the Proscenic P12 is the clear winner in this department.

Image shows the Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

We weren't convinced the P11 was picking up everything it could have.  (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley.)

Proscenic P12 vs Proscenic P11: Price & Availability

Both Proscenic models are available from the manufacturer’s site and can be found online on Amazon. The P12 ($399) is obviously a more expensive model than its predecessor  ($199.99), though both are often on offer on Amazon at much lower price points than their RRP. Both Proscenic models also come with a 1-year warranty, so you’ve got comparable cover should something go wrong in either case. 

That being said, we suggested that the Levoit VortexIQ 40 (also $199.99) offered better value for money than the Proscenic P11 — it has a shorter runtime but comes with well-made, sturdy accessories and got great customer reviews. 

By comparison, the P12 packs in features that you might find on more expensive models from leading brands, making it a worthwhile alternative to higher-end models for this mid-range price. Sounds like another win for the P12, then! 

Proscenic P12 vs Prosenic P11: Our Verdict

In the battle between the two Proscenic cordless vacuum cleaners, we’d confidently say that the Proscenic 12 comes out on top. It’s not difficult to see why: we called the P12 ‘a great-value alternative’ to higher-end models in our review, whereas we specifically recommended would-be customers seek out other models in a 2.5/5 star review of the Proscenic P11.  

And if you’re looking to explore more options before you commit, check out our guides to the best handheld vacuums, the best robot vacuums, and the best vacuums for pet hair - all tried and tested by TopTenReviews.  

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