6 reasons to buy a bagged vacuum cleaner

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Cleaning the home can feel a bit of a chore but when you own one of the best vacuum cleaners it can reduce some of the stress and energy involved.

A bagged vacuum cleaner specifically can be a good choice because they often have a larger capacity than bagless versions, are budget-friendly and very easy to use and maintain. Having owned a Numatic HVR160-11 Henry Bagged Cylinder vacuum cleaner for 15 years, I can personally vouch for its reliability and excellent performance, too.

I caught up with a few experts to find out more reasons why you should buy a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Six reasons why you should buy a bagged vacuum cleaner

1. Budget friendly

If you want to buy a bagged vacuum cleaner you can expect to spend anything between $50 and $600. The Henry Quick, for example, is at the higher end of the price range with a $599 RRP on Amazon, whereas the BISSELL Zing Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum, 2154A is just $79.95 on Amazon.

You will also need to take into account the additional cost of buying replacement bags, although bagged vacuums tend to have larger capacities so this means the bags will last for a long time before it needs changing.

Henry Quick on test vacuuming hard floor

Henry Quick on test vacuuming hard floor (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

2. Easy to use

Appliance Expert Simon Hughes, from PriceYourJob, told Top Ten Reviews: "Bagged vacuum cleaners can also reduce your contact with allergens including dust, pet hair and pollen. And as the dust goes into a bag, you may find this type of vacuum easier to empty." 

He adds: "Once full, the bag can simply be popped into the trash, so they’re not difficult to empty and as the dust is trapped in the bag, meaning there should be less cleaning of the vacuum."

Image of Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes, from PriceYourJob.co.uk, has worked as an appliance expert for over 20 years. In his work, Simon provides appliance diagnostics, repairs and advice. 

3. Good for heavy-duty debris

As the filters on bagged vacuums work in a different way, they’re less likely to get clogged, explains Simon. "This makes some bagged vacuums more suitable for picking up larger particles. That’s why they’re frequently used in commercial settings. 

"Some brands, such as SEBO and Numatic, also come with a larger capacity, so there’s less emptying to do," says Simon.

4. Better for allergy sufferers

One of the great things about bagged vacuums is that the bags are sealed when you remove them, meaning that no dust or airborne allergens will be released back into the air to trigger unwanted reactions. 

"This makes a bagged vacuum cleaner a better option for those who suffer with allergies, as all dirt and dust collected will stay contained within the bag," says Appliances Expert Atit Chopra, Senior Product Developer at Beldray.

Simon adds: "Bagged vacuums typically come with two filters; one on the bag itself and one on the vacuum. This helps to reduce the amount of dust blown out of your vacuum’s exhaust and makes them a good option for allergy sufferers. However, some models do perform better than others."

headshot of Atit Chopra
Atit Chopra

Atit Chopra is an appliances expert and Senior Product Developer at Beldray. With nearly a decade's experience in the field, he is involved in the design and development of the brand's most popular vacuums.

5. Less cleaning and maintenance

One thing we love about bagged vacuums, like the Numatic International CVC370 Charles Wet/Dry Vacuum, is it requires very little maintenance or cleaning.

While Simon said bagged vacuums weren’t necessarily easier than bagless vacuums to empty, the fact there is sealed bag means that the dust is contained in the bag. This can reduce mess and it usually means there’s less filter cleaning to do, too."

Atit adds: "The only downside is that you can't see how much dirt you have collected in a bagged vacuum so, if left too full, the suction power will be diminished."

NaceCare Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC370

NaceCare Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC370 (Image credit: Future)

6. Often comes with large capacity

Vacuum bags tend to hold a lot more dirt and debris than bagless vacuum cleaners, so this means you won't need to empty them as often. Some bags can last for months without needing to be replaced, whereas a bagless vacuum cleaner will ideally require emptying after every use.

I do love the Numatic Henry vacuum because it has a huge 0.6 liter capacity, which requires less emptying into the trash. This is often the case with bagged canister vacuums; they have a much larger capacity than their bagless competitors. In fact, I find that the Numatic Henry bag can sometimes last up to six months before needing to be replaced.

For more budget-busting vacuum cleaners, head to our best vacuums under $200 where there are some corded and cordless, stick and cannister models to choose from. 

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