Samsung RZ11M7074SA review

The Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer has almost everything you could want, with a compact and flexible design too.

Samsung RZ11M7074SA review
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The Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer is the ultimate lean and mean freezing machine. This compact convertible model offers an impressive array of flexible storage options and a sleek and stylish design that allows it to look at home almost anywhere.


  • +

    Convertible design

  • +

    Flexible storage options

  • +



  • -

    Can only be used as a freezer or a fridge

  • -

    Isn’t garage ready

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The Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer may be smaller than some of its competitors, but don’t let that fool you because this is one of those times where the best things really do come in small packages. While many of the best freezers boast an impressive capacity, the Samsung RZ11M7074SA manages to earn its place thanks to its ability to switch itself between a fridge and a freezer.

Sleek and stylish, the Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer is designed for flexibility with removable drawers, adjustable door bins and shelves, and a reversible door. It’s also energy-efficient and the bright LED lighting means you can locate food quickly and easily. This is a stunning freezer that’s full of great features and comes at a super-affordable price. 

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Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer: Design and build 

  •  11.4 cubic feet storage 
  •  LED lighting 
  •  Frost-free 

The Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer is a great looking freezer, with a gorgeous stainless steel exterior finish and a flexible interior design that’s impressive for such a compact model. At 11.4 cubic feet, this freezer is nowhere near as impressive in space as the mammoth GE FUF21SMRWW, but with its ability to switch between a freezer and a fridge, this convertible freezer is very appealing.

It has a smaller exterior footprint too, which makes it a good choice for homes where kitchen or garage space is limited. At 23.4-inches wide, 25.4-inches in depth, and 73-inches in height, the slim build of this freezer will see it slot nicely into place. 

When you consider that a lot of freezers in this price range are not frost-free, we find this to be a really lovely addition to this model that will make your life a lot easier. It has also been designed with high-efficiency LED lighting that makes locating your favorite tub of ice cream that much easier.

Overall, the design and build of the Samsung RZ11M7074SA is very sleek when you consider the size and price tag. It’s clear to see that it’s been built to make people’s lives easier and we love that.

Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer: Features 

We could split hairs over whether the convertible nature of this freezer is a bit of ingenious design or a standout feature, but whichever category it falls under, we feel it’s spectacular enough to warrant a double mention! 

Samsung leads the pack when it comes to flex-freezers and fridges, and the Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer beautifully illustrates why. Whether you need more room at Thanksgiving for that giant turkey or have made a few too many batches of warming winter soup, being able to swap this model from freezer to fridge or fridge to freezer mode, can free up some additional space.

There’s plenty more to endear you to this freezer too. We love the amount of flexible organizational options that this model offers, with the drawers being able to be removed for extra shelving space, and door bins that can be raised and lowered. There are three spill-proof shelves, four crisper drawers, and three door bins.

The cooling system in this freezer is good too, with multi-vent technology to ensure items are evenly cooled from top to bottom, and a power freeze function that can speed up the freezing process using the maximum fan speed for up to 50 hours.

Like the Gladiator 17.8 Upright Rolling Garage freezer, the Samsung RZ11M7074SA has wheels that make it easy to maneuver. However, it is worth noting that the Samsung isn’t garage ready.  

Samsung RZ11M7074SA review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer: Performance and warranty 

ENERGY STAR certified the Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer is very energy-efficient. On average this model has an estimated yearly electricity use of 361 kWh and an approximate annual running cost of $43. While it’s not quite as economical to run as the GE FCM16DLWW freezer, it competes well against most other models.

Samsung offers a decent warranty on this model with the standard five years on parts and labor.

Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer: User reviews 

The Samsung RZ11M7074SA hasn’t amassed a ton of user reviews just yet, but the ones it does have see this little beauty scooping a perfect score. Whether it’s Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, it’s nearly all five-star ratings for this model. So, what exactly is it that has everyone so excited?

Well, pretty much everything if this user review is anything to go by: “It is absolutely beautiful in person, and the pictures do it no justice.” Other users praised it for how quietly it operates and that it holds a lot of food.

One thing that some uses do criticize is that this freezer is not garage ready which restricts where you’ll be able to keep it. 

Should you buy the Samsung RZ11M7074SA freezer? 

If you have a large household and you want this to be your main freezer, the 11.4 cubic feet capacity may be an issue. That aside, for sheer flexibility alone, the Samsung RZ11M7074SA has a lot to offer.

For people wanting an additional freezer or a smaller freezer that still offers plenty of storage space and can be easily converted during food-heavy holiday seasons, the affordable Samsung RZ11M7074SA ticks all the boxes. This is a well-thought-out model with a sleek and stylish design that will blend beautifully into any space.

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