Samsung set to introduce its own version of AirDrop with the launch of the Galaxy S20

Samsung set to introduce it's own version of AirDrop with the launch of the Galaxy S20
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Over the years, Apple has been very clever with its tech, and many iPhones interact with each other in unique ways, thanks to their iOS compatibility. Aside from iMessage, the best example of this is AirDrop. AirDrop uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to quickly share files between iPhones, cutting out the middleman of sending these via text (and the hefty prices that even the best cell phone providers can attach to sending such large files). 

Although this technology has been exclusive to Apple devices for some time now, Samsung are developing a rival version of AirDrop for its own smartphones. This function, according to XDA Developers, will be called Quick Share:

“Unlike other services like AirDrop, Quick Share will have a cloud aspect to it. Quick Share will let you temporarily upload files to Samsung Cloud. These files will then be streamed to Samsung Smart Things devices and downloaded locally. These files can be up to 1GB with a total of 2GBs being sent per day.”

When is Quick Share coming out? 

With the launch of the Samsung S20 fast approaching, it seems likely that this function will debut on Samsung’s newest flagship model. We don’t think you’ll need the new S20 to make the most of Quick Share, however. As long as your smartphone is running on the latest operating system and, of course, it’s a Samsung Galaxy, you should be able to make the most of Quick Share in the near future. 

Not to worry if you haven’t got a Samsung or Apple phone, as Google is also working on a rival feature called Nearby Sharing. This could well be designed to work with any Android device which features the Google Play store, meaning that iPhone users may be the ones feeling left out when they’re the only ones who can’t access this software. 

The smartphone industry is close-fought right now, with Apple rumored to announce a low-cost iPhone in March as a supposed update on iPhone SE. People are tentatively calling this unconfirmed product the iPhone SE2, which will run on the same processor as the iPhone 11.  If you're still of the iPhone persuasion we've covered some of the best iPhone deals (including an iPhone 6s for less than $100) recently, but if we can take anything from this recent Quick Share leak it's that the new Samsung S20 launch is definitely one to watch. 

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