Lorex Edge security camera review

Lorex provides high quality security equipment that is easy to use. Read our review to see if this DIY surveillance cameras kit is the right fit for your home or business.

Lorex Edge security camera review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Lorex has a great camera and DVR setup that is customizable and makes it easy to playback specific occurrences.


  • +

    Its infrared night vision has an impressive range of 50 feet

  • +

    Good customer service

  • +

    Compatible with smartphones


  • -

    Poor resolution

  • -

    DVR is a somewhat outdated security camera feature

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The Lorex kit is the best do-it-yourself set of cameras combined with a DVR. If you choose not to go with a full-fledged wireless security camera service, you can't go wrong with Lorex's equipment. The company has established itself as an industry leader in residential and commercial security with the systems it manufactures. Lorex stands above most DIY security cameras because of its impressive features for both the cameras and DVR. The addition of live chat to go along with its customer service provides a system that is balanced in nearly every monitoring category.

Lorex Edge security camera review: Features

A basic Lorex home security camera system works with four high-resolution bullet cameras. The resolution is not the highest. At 640 x 480, it is more mid-level quality compared to the absolute best on the market, but it's more than sufficient to catch an image of a burglar or vandal's face. As is standard with outdoor security cameras, Lorex cameras record in color during the day and switch to black and white to achieve better clarity in low-light conditions. At night, the 18 LEDs that sit on the outer rim of the lens turn on and pick up a night vision range of 50 feet. That range is far better than most DIY surveillance cameras.

If you take advantage of this system's 24-hour monitoring capability, the DVR will fill up quickly. To stop that from happening, Lorex equipment takes full advantage of its motion-activated features. These allow your security cameras to activate only when they detect motion. By customizing that feature, you can record specific events, save space on the DVR's hard drive and save time when watching the footage for suspicious occurrences.

One of the key selling points of Lorex home security camera systems is the ability to transfer live video feeds over networks. IP-enabled cameras provide the flexibility necessary to accomplish this, bringing streaming video from your security cameras to any computer with an internet connection. In addition, this company offers mobile applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. This company has gone beyond standard procedure to bring you the best surveillance camera monitoring options available in a do-it-yourself kit.

Lorex security camera systems are some of the easiest products to use that we were able to identify. Set up is simple and intuitive, requiring very little technical expertise to put the system into place. If you do encounter some difficulties, a large and clearly written user manual is included with the purchase of the electronics. However, setting it up is so simple that you will not likely need the help in the manual. The menus and navigation of the DVR are clear and understandable. This manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure that your new set of security cameras is as easy to set up as possible.

You can obtain support via the dedicated telephone lines as well as an email address. Documentation on the system is available in the user manual and the online FAQs section. A standard one-year limited warranty is also included to protect your home surveillance systems against manufacturing defects.

Should you buy the Lorex Edge security camera?

Lorex is undoubtedly one of the best DIY security camera systems available today, when all things are considered. A great customer support backing along with a solid feature set on both the camera and DVR make the Lorex system a favorite if you're looking to take on monitoring your home by yourself. This system will deliver the security you need with ease of use and a wide array of customer support options.

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