It isn’t easy to contemplate the end of one’s own life, but the reality is that death is an inevitability that must be adequately planned for, in the hopes that loved ones are not saddled with unexpected costs in addition to grief. Transamerica’s Final Expense Insurance can be an added protection against those costs in combination with a life insurance policy, or it can be used on its own for those with health concerns that might prevent them from obtaining additional coverage.

Transamerica’s website helps the undecided buyer by compiling average costs of typical final expenses to determine the necessary coverage amount. Factors to consider covering include the casket, the memorial facility or burial, the funeral, the embalming, and transfer of the deceased to the final resting place. The list even takes into consideration additional costs that are not typically covered by other policies, such as the burial plot and headstone.

This company offers three final expense insurance options: Immediate Solution, 10 Pay Solution and Easy Solution. The Immediate Solution is a whole life policy, meaning that it can be purchased at any time before age 85 and is valid for the policyholder’s life up to age 121. The 10 Pay Solution must also be purchased before age 85. On this plan, premium payments can be made at an interval of annually or monthly, as determined by the policyholder, for 10 years. Payouts on these two plans vary as determined by the age of the policyholder, and the minimum payout is $1,000.

The Easy Solution can be purchased between the ages of 18 and 80. It is a graded death benefit policy, which means it is an option for those who may have a more difficult time qualifying for other policies. On this plan, limited death benefits are given and the maximum payout is $25,000.

None of Transamerica’s policies require a medical examination, meaning that they are available to everyone regardless of age or pre-existing conditions. Potential buyers can contact an agent through the Transamerica website to find a custom quote based on their individual needs.

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