Pros / The online tools are easy to use and extensive.

Cons / It's one of the most expensive health insurance companies according to our tests.

 Verdict / Although plan prices vary by individual cases, our test cases showed UnitedHealthcare to be one of the most expensive medical insurance providers. However, this company offers a feature-rich online support system, making it a good choice for people who want to manage their health care electronically.

UnitedHealthcare offers health insurance to meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines and protect your family. Our tests showed its plan prices to be higher than most of the other health insurance companies we reviewed. United Healthcare's plan choices run about average by comparison.

UnitedHealthcare has a strong online presence, including an online account manager that tracks all aspects of your plan's status, including the ability to order prescriptions, access to wellness programs and a nurse hotline. As such, this health insurance provider is a good choice for those who prefer to handle their financial and wellness issues electronically.

We looked at plans for three age groups at five zip codes across the United States in order to get an average of plan choices and pricings. Overall, UnitedHealthcare's premiums were higher than those of nearly all the health insurance providers we tested, up to $600 a year more in some cases. This is, of course, an average based on highest and lowest cost plans for a specific customer profile. Your personal results may vary, and we suggest selecting at least three companies and pricing out the plans for yourself. As with all the health insurance providers we reviewed, you can do this online in just a few minutes with a minimal amount of personal information.

We found UnitedHealthcare's website to be extensive and user-friendly. When looking at plans, you can sort or filter them and select some to compare directly. All of the plan information is easy to understand, especially since there are pop-up windows to define any terms you might not know if you are new to insurance shopping.

There are many online tools to help you to manage your accounts, get refills of prescriptions, track deductibles and expenses and find doctors in your area. The nurse hotline, which all the health insurance companies we reviewed offer, is useful if you have a question that does not require a doctor's appointment. The Health4Me smartphone app allows you to access all this from your smartphone or tablet. UnitedHealthcare also has wellness programs and information on its website.

UnitedHealthcare is a large nationwide health insurance provider with plans to cover your major medical insurance needs and assist you in maintaining overall wellness. While its plans are in general more expensive than those of other health insurance providers we reviewed, it offers strong online tools to help you manage your account and other aspects of your health care.

UnitedHealthcare Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Sample Premium Rates

35 Year-Olds (Average $300)
$300 - $350
45 Year-Olds (Average $350)
$330 - $450
55 Year-Olds (Average $550)
$470 - $730


Health & Wellness Incentives
Gift Cards
Mobile App
24-Hour Medical Advice
Short-Term Medical

Selection of Plans

Plan Options Available
35 Year-Olds
Below Average
45 Year-Olds
55 Year-Olds