Pros / Its customer satisfaction score is very high.

Cons / It doesn't have local agents.

 Verdict / Amica Mutual is one of the smallest insurance providers I reviewed, but its long history of very high customer satisfaction shows it's doing something right.

Compared to the other nationwide insurance providers I reviewed, Amica Mutual is the smallest company by a significant margin. It has a total asset value of $5.4 billion, which is a drop in the bucket compared to MetLife's total asset value of $7.19 billion. The average asset value among the insurance companies I reviewed is $164.5 billion, and when you pick a homeowners insurance company, financial stability is a concern – you should feel confident the company you choose can handle your claims. The reason Amica Mutual is one of the best homeowners insurance companies, despite its size, is its long history of very high customer satisfaction.

To evaluate each insurance provider's quote process, I entered the details for my parents’ home. I found most quotes had almost identical coverage and liability but vastly different reconstruction values – the cost to rebuild the home if it is completely destroyed. Since I based the test on my parents' home, I could compare the quotes’ reconstruction value against the home’s actual value. Accuracy is important because you don't want to underinsure your home.

Amica Mutual's quote process is very easy but not comprehensive. It asks very little about your home, other than the year it was built. It's most concerned with how far the home is from a fire hydrant and fire department and whether it has a security and fire protection system. Usually, less comprehensiveness quote tools resulted in less accurate reconstruction values. In fact, the companies that asked few questions often quoted reconstruction values that were hundreds of thousands of dollars under the home’s actual value. Amica Mutual asks 29 questions total. For comparison, the average quote form asked about 51 questions, and State Farm asked 123 questions.

However, Amica Mutual’s quote tool is a little different, as it lets you enter the estimated value yourself. This means it can be as accurate as any other tool but requires you to know the rebuilding cost ahead of time. To find out your home’s reconstruction value, you need a local contractor to evaluate its construction quality and materials so they can estimate how much it would cost to rebuild. If you don’t gather this information before you get a quote from Amica Mutual, you could end up underinsured.

The biggest reason to consider Amica Mutual is the 16 straight years its won the J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction. For the 2017 study, J.D. Power interviewed 15,909 people who had policies across 31 of the most popular insurance providers. Clearly, to have won the award for best customer satisfaction for so many years, Amica Mutual has the right formula. It earned a score of 866 and received a rating of five power circles in each of the five categories J.D. Power looked at – pricing, claims, policy offerings, interaction and billing. The only company to receive a higher customer satisfaction score in the study was USAA (892), but it wasn't eligible for the award because it only serves active and retired military personnel and their families.

A downside to Amica Mutual's size is its lack of local agents. Most nationwide homeowners insurance providers have several agents in every city to help with questions, quotes and claims. And with how complicated homeowners insurance can be, consulting with an agent is a good idea. However, Amica Mutual only has regional offices. For example, the regional office for Ogden, Utah is in Denver – over 500 miles away. That said, the company’s online support service is very good. I was able to get answers to questions very quickly, much in the same manner as an agent.

Amica Mutual is a small insurance company, but its great service makes it an excellent option. You never know what your experience with an insurer will be like until you buy a policy, but with its 16 years of J.D. Power awards for best customer satisfaction, chances are your will enjoy working with Amica Mutual.

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