Pros / There are a lot of discounts available.

Cons / The quote tool didn't work.

 Verdict / Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance providers in the country in terms of total assets. However, its customer satisfaction is average at best, and I couldn't get the quote tool to work properly.

In terms of financial stability, Nationwide is the second biggest insurance provider I reviewed, with a total of $230.6 billion in assets (as reported through 2017). Financial strength and stability are especially important if you live in a high-risk area, as it means the company can follow through on claims, even if thousands of people file them at the same time – for example, after a natural disaster. However, financial stability doesn't necessarily equate to elite service, as evidenced by Nationwide’s quote tool, customer satisfaction scores and agent pages.

The biggest issue I had with Nationwide was with its quote tool. Throughout my research and testing, the quote tool failed to work. Every time I tried it, I reached a certain point and received an error message saying the quote couldn't be completed due to a temporary technical issue. This persisted for over a week and a half. As such, I couldn't properly evaluate Nationwide’s quote process. Instead, I was directed to an agent. It’s a good idea to consult with an agent anyway because they can provide a far more accurate quote than an online tool. However, she couldn't give me a quote because I didn't own the home I was using for the quotes – it belongs to my parents.

Nationwide's best attribute is its discounts. Unlike most insurance providers, the company’s discounts vary according to state. However, it offers more discounts on average than the other insurance providers I reviewed. And most of the discounts are common enough that you should find you're eligible for at least two or three.

In J.D. Power’s 2017 customer satisfaction study, Nationwide earned an 806, which is a respectable score. Out of the 31 insurance providers surveyed, it ranks 13th. However, its score is just below the overall average, which is reflected in its ratings in each of the five categories – pricing, claims, policy offerings, interaction and billing. In each category, Nationwide received a rating of three out of five circles. J.D. Power defines three circles as "about average." While it doesn't have the impressive customer satisfaction ratings of USAA or Amica Mutual, the company’s average scores match well with its financial stability, especially if you get a good quote – you likely won’t have a bad experience with Nationwide.

Nationwide's agent finder tool is lacking. You can find local agents by entering your city into the tool, but you can’t view personalized agent pages with information like availability, languages spoken, user reviews or community engagement lists. Rather, most of the agents are independent, so the link takes you to the agent’s or agency’s website. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as independent agents sell policies from a variety of providers, so they are more inclined to help you find the best one for your home from the best provider.

Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance providers in the U.S. and has the financial stability to give you confidence. However, its quote tool has technical issues, the agent finder isn't as comprehensive as most, and its overall customer satisfaction is merely average.

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