Pros / The reconstruction value it quoted was very accurate.

Cons / It’s difficult to find an agent to help you.

 Verdict / Travelers has a good quote tool and provided me with a very accurate reconstruction value. However, its customer satisfaction score doesn't stand out, and it’s difficult to find an agent to help you navigate the nuances of a policy.

Travelers has been around for more than 165 years, making it the oldest homeowners insurance provider I reviewed. Also, with over $103 billion in total assets, it certainly has the necessary financial footing to handle claims. While the company’s quote process is very good, its customer satisfaction score is just average and the agent finder tool barely exists.

The quote tool on Travelers’ site is very good, though it isn’t as easy to use as some. The main issue is it doesn’t provide definitions or explanations for each question. Also, it doesn't include pictures or illustrations to help you answer more nuanced questions such as those about the style of your house’s roof. Only some questions provide help or context. In total, Travelers asks about 58 questions. That makes it a little more comprehensive than most insurance providers, but it's certainly not as thorough as State Farm, which asks 123 questions. That said, both insurance providers gave very accurate reconstruction value quotes.

Travelers was the only site to provide a downloadable PDF of the quoted policy. This is excellent because it allows you to take time to review the details. It also makes it much easier to compare with other services, since you don't have to log in again to view your quote and switch between browser pages.

In 2017, Travelers earned a slightly below average score of 802 in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction study. By comparison, Amica Mutual scored 866 and USAA scored 892. The study included 31 insurance companies, and the average score was 808. Travelers received a rating of three circles out of five in each of the five categories – price, claims, policy offerings, interaction and billing. The three circles are essentially a representation of "average," and being about average is not necessarily a bad thing for an insurance company, as the industry is notorious for customer dissatisfaction.

The site’s agent finder tool is disappointing. While it’s easy to find agents in your area, all the agents are from independent agencies and likely sell policies from multiple providers. It's not a bad thing to go through an independent agency, but the agent finder tool doesn’t tell you anything about each agent or agency – it just provides a link to their independent website. While this is enough for many, I preferred agent finder tools with personalized bios, community engagement lists, user reviews and a list of languages spoken. That type of information helps you pick an agent you feel comfortable with. Without it, you just choose your agent or agency based on location.

Travelers is a good option for homeowners insurance, but it isn’t an elite option. By most accounts, it's average. The company’s quote tool wasn’t the most comprehensive or the easiest to use, but the quote it provided was accurate. Also, since you can download them as a PDF, the company’s policy quotes are easy to review.

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