Schlage Connect BE469NX Review

The Schlage Connect is innovative and secure, but it requires a smart hub to make the most of its many features.

Schlage Connect BE469NX Review
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Schlage Connect is an excellent Z-Wave lock for a smart home system with a unique alarm feature, but its lack of an independent mobile app may be inconvenient for some users.


  • +

    Built-in alarm

  • +

    Secure Z-Wave lock

  • +

    Multiple colors available


  • -

    Needs an automation system

  • -

    No app

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Schlage Connect has an innovative built-in alarm that helps make it an extremely secure smart lock. Because this is a Z-Wave lock, you need a smart hub to enable some features that are vital to a smart lock, but similar locks didn't work as well in our tests. This lock has some noteworthy features for security and convenience, as well as an excellent warranty.

The primary strength of Schlage Connect is security – we think it has a 90 percent chance of improving your security. This score is the fifth highest of the locks we tested, only Schlage Sense, Kwikset Obsidian, Nest x Yale and August Smart Lock Pro scored higher.

Schlage Connect BE469NX: Main features 

This lock’s most unique feature is an alarm that sounds during a forceful break-in attempt or light tampering when something disturbs the lock. This is the only lock we tested with such a complete alarm function. In addition to August's open-door detection, this is one security feature we want to see in every smart lock.

You arm the alarm or change the sensitivity by holding in the interior Schlage button for a few seconds until the appropriate LEDs light up. It also has the option to deactivate the keypad when you're on vacation.

Schlage Connect meets the standards for ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, which is the highest security rating a smart door lock can receive. You can program the keypad with up to 30 different user codes, but it takes longer to create these codes than with other keypad smart locks in our comparison since you must program the codes by hand. A smart hub can remedy this problem.

Schlage Connect BE469NX: How it performed

Our tests revealed that Schlage Connect depends on other smart home tech to enable important features. For example, we connected the lock to a Wink smart hub and found that the lock outperforms all other Z-Wave locks we tested. Guest access and remote access both work with smart homes, depending on the system you use. You can share codes with guests via text or email, but there aren't any temporary- or scheduled-access settings.

Schlage Connect does not require a smart home system to activate the auto-lock function, which locks your door 30 seconds after it unlocks. This feature is not active by default but is easy to enable with a simple keypad command. Schlage Connect doesn't have an auto-unlock feature, which we think adds to its overall security.

Schlage Connect is not a standalone smart door lock, which means it doesn't have a Bluetooth connection or mobile app. Instead, the Schlage Connect’s built-in Z-Wave chip connects it to a smart home hub to fill these roles. This is a disadvantage when compared to locks that only need a smartphone. Nevertheless, this lock is exceptional whether or not it's part of a smart home.

Schlage Connect replaces your existing deadbolt and comes in two styles: the modern Century or traditional Camelot, which meet different aesthetic preferences. There are six finishes available for Schlage Connect: satin nickel, matte black, bright chrome, aged bronze, satin chrome and bright brass. The last two finishes are only available on the Century and Camelot styles respectively. This is the best selection of finishes among the smart locks we tested. Schlage Connect's four AA batteries last for around 12 months, which is average for smart locks.

Schlage offers an excellent warranty on the Connect, covering the electronics for three years. This warranty term is better than that of most smart locks, which typically have a one-year warranty. The finish and mechanical components have a lifetime warranty.

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