Pros / Premade templates and characters make this comic book software extremely easy to use.

Cons / You can’t customize every aspect of the characters or backgrounds.

 Verdict / Pixton+ offers a fun way to make a comic strip in a matter of minutes, and you don’t need to be an artist to use it.

Pixton+ is easy-to-use comic book software with premade templates and characters. For a small monthly fee, you can access hundreds of features, layouts and character templates – everything you need to make your own comic book. Since you don’t have to be an artist to use this software, it is enjoyable for a wide audience but isn’t a good option for anyone who wants to draw their own imagery. If you'd prefer a program that offers more illustration tools, you might be interested in our best overall pick, Clip Studio Paint Pro.

First and foremost, since you cannot draw characters or backgrounds, Pixton is all about premade templates. It’s not as customizable as some software, but it still gives you some freedoms. You can choose your character’s gender, hair color, facial features and other features. As I tested the software, I really liked that the figures were posable. I could turn the head to face forward, backward or to a 3/4 turn, which makes the character interaction more believable. The limbs, neck, hands, feet and torso can all be moved around, kind of like playing with a puppet. I also could choose if the figures were large or thin, which provided more variation.

There is a decent library full of predesigned poses to search through. For instance, to create an action scene, I simply typed “run” into the search bar and several running poses appeared. I didn’t have to worry about creating the perfect image; I could just have fun with the story and layout.

One thing that I found annoying was that whenever I decided to change the background, the program automatically changed the poses and facial characteristics of any characters that were already within the panel. In one case, I had taken some time to choose and arrange every detail of my character’s expression – from his pose to the way his eyes looked – but then that was all changed when I added a beach scene in the background. A frustrating oversight, for sure. But if you’re willing to work with some of the program’s quirks, you’ll be able to create fun customizable comics in little time.

If you choose to import an image from your computer, you can only resize that image in the square panel. You can add elements on top of the image, but you can’t make any other changes. Something else I liked about Pixton+ is that you don’t have to download it onto your computer; the entire program is online. All you need is an internet connection.

With Pixton, you can add word balloons and the program gives you 30 font options so you can give your characters emotion and expression. Once you’re happy with your comic and storyline, you can download your images or save them to Pixton’s online community where other users can view and vote on your work, or you can email it to yourself. In emails, the image will attach as a PNG – the only file format this program offers for export.

Pixton’s online community is vibrant and thriving. You will find that people post comics regularly for others to view. There are even contests you can enter, and you can create contests for others to submit their works into. The website features a FAQs section and video tutorials in case you need assistance in creating your comic. There is also a phone number and email for technical support.

Pixton isn’t the type of comic book software that allows you to create a graphic novel from scratch. You can insert images from your computer, but the program itself doesn’t have any original drawing functionality. Premade templates and characters are its bread and butter. This format, however, makes it easy to create a humorous comic strip in minutes to share with your friends and family. But if you’re looking to create and publish a full-fledged graphic novel, this isn’t the right comic book software for you.

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