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Pros / This software offers multiple ways to view your creation.

Cons / You encounter unnecessary complications due to this software's emphasis on house details.

 Verdict / Home & Landscape Design Premium has a relatively simple interface you can learn if you spend enough time at it, but mastering this application will take some time.

If you're a DIY enthusiast and have envisaged the perfect landscape for your property, Home & Landscape Design Premium software is a good choice for you to design and experiment with all manner of landscaping features. Using the tools in this application, you can come up with the precise lawn, garden and outdoor look you want. You get extensive content to work with. This software is equipped with 4,700 objects (although many are meant for home interiors) and more than 4,000 plants.

All the landscape design software products we tested were tricky to use, and Home & Landscape Design Premium was no exception. Although you can produce a creation you love, be prepared for a serious learning curve to make this software do what you want. You cannot simply install this and begin designing the landscape you want. Instead, you must learn to navigate through this software and, unfortunately, the user guide did not work during our testing. However, you can learn from tutorials on the software developer's website (which are organized by category) as well as learning from your own experimentation.

One thing we noticed with this application was the heavy emphasis on home design, which is presented in considerable detail for such things as electrical installation or plumbing. However, if you are simply looking to create a beautiful landscape, you won't need this information.

You do get samples to start your project with this landscape software, and you also get templates for decks, rooms, kitchens and patios. You can easily access any objects you want to add to your design from the right sidebar. This software is not cluttered with too many buttons and is organized by picture icons, which is helpful.

Once you've started, you get most of the features you'll need to design a house or landscape, including a catalog of more than 4,000 plants and 4,700 objects (although many of these are for home interiors).

You also get several ways to look at your creation, including two-dimensional, three-dimensional, 2D and 3D side-by-side views, a virtual walk-through and a "fly" mode that gives you the opportunity to view your property as if airborne.

One drawback for this software is the lack of an overall search feature, which we found frustrating, since it means you have to sift through guides and videos to find specific features and tools.

This software can be overwhelming, especially when you first get started, and it is not particularly intuitive. You need to click on separate floors to add or build something. In addition, controlling the views is a rather clunky process. If you want a more user-friendly program, you should consider programs with a shallower learning curve, like our top pick, Realtime Landscaping Plus.

This software does fairly well as far as functionality. The drag-and-drop function is easy to use, and it works nicely for 2D and 3D views. However, you get a wizard only for 3D objects and no wizard for creating a landscape or house.

You get reasonably good customer support for this software via email and phone, and you can consult a FAQs section. However, you do not get a free trial, a money-back guarantee or such things as a user manual or online forums.

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Home & Landscape Design Premium is packed with an abundance of tools that lets you create your dream landscape and take a good look from several angles online before embarking on any landscaping project, but you will need to put some time in to learn how to use this application.

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