Pros / This program is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Cons / Some useful tools, such as worksheets and spellcheck, are not included with this software.

 Verdict / LawDepot is easy to use and includes detailed information while creating a complete and legal last will and testament.

LawDepot is an estate-planning software program that includes templates and tools for helping you write your own last will and testament as well as a living will and Power of Attorney. It can create supportive documents, such as a schedule of assets, instruction letters for caregivers and survivors, and executor documents. This is one of the few programs we reviewed, along with Quicken WillMaker, that can create designated revocation documents. And, since this is an online solution, this is a great will software option for Mac users.

This will-making software was one of the easiest for us to use. The program is laid out well, so it is easy to navigate through. It includes detailed sections for naming legal guardians for minor children and caregivers for pets left behind. There are functions that allow detailed information to be included about distribution of assets, sale of property and gifts to beneficiaries, including charities and other organizations.

The interview-style format and step-by-step instructions are great for keeping information in order and helping you keep on track. This is important since LawDepot does not have a progress check or a way to easily bounce between sections without pressing the back button. It does include imbedded helps clearly positioned at the end of each text section. Pressing one opens a quick-view window with detailed information including definitions of used legal terms and sample information for those text fields.

The biggest difference between LawDepot and the best will-making software is the missing tools in LawDepot, such as spellcheck, checklists and asset worksheets. LawDepot also doesn't give you the option to name different guardians for each of your minor children, but rather requires you to name a single guardian for all of them. You do get to choose whether you'd like your final document to be saved in a Word or PDF format.

LawDepot includes just about every support and help option available, including telephone support and Live Chat. It also has a legal reference guide so you can understand important legal references and options. It also has an impressive FAQs section that includes more than the standard questions found on every other will-software site.

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LawDepot is one of the easiest estate-planning solutions with a clean design that is simple to navigate through. It includes plenty of step-by-step instructions and imbedded helps to help ensure you include all the important information in your last will and testament. While it doesn't include some tools and functions, such as spellcheck or a way to track your progress, it does provide enough support throughout the process of writing your will.

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