Pros / You can use Snapheal Pro as a standalone software or as a plugin with other Mac photo editing software.

Cons / This software does not have any creative filters.

 Verdict / While this software is easy to use, it lacks several advanced editing tools, substantially limiting how you can edit your photos.

Snapheal Pro is a good software option for all those images ruined by an unsightly bird or distracting sign. This Mac photo editing software has powerful erasing and healing tools, as well as standard editing tools.

This picture editor for Mac is easy to use. The simple interface has three different editing menus to choose from: Erase, Retouch and Adjust. Both the Retouch and Adjustment menus give you access to the basic editing tools, including color management, straighten and crop.

With Snapheal Pro, it is easy to both remove objects from your images and heal the offending areas. The tools that help you remove objects from your photos and repair them to look unaltered are found in the Erase menu. To erase, you set the diameter of the brush and paint over and around the object you wish to remove. Once you hit erase, the software makes the adjustments accordingly and removes the object.

There are three erasing modes: Global, Dynamic and Local. These settings sample the area surrounding the object you wish to remove in different ways. With these settings, you can choose the best way to remove objects or erase blemishes and maintain the quality of the image.

This photo editor for Mac does not offer as many editing tools as our top-rated software; for example, it doesn’t have any filters. Still, it is versatile. You can use it as a plugin on other applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom. It also supports Photos for Mac editing extensions. The Snapheal Pro extensions allow you to repair photos by removing objects and healing spots while remaining in a native OSX app. When used as a plugin, it provides you with additional editing tools and capabilities while still allowing you to access the powerful object removal tool.

This Mac photo editor does not have a built-in organizing system to help you manage your photos, something that is helpful when you are working on multiple pictures. Snapheal Pro supports several image file types, including RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF. After you edit your photos, you can post them directly to social sites, share them over email or upload them to an online photo gallery.

Macphun, the software’s developer, does not offer many support options. Both a phone number and email address are available on its website. However, the website lacks a FAQs page, user forum and video tutorials.

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Snapheal Pro provides you with the editing tools you need to quickly fix your photos. It may lack several advanced editing tools that the top-rated editing software usually provide, but it is easy to use and versatile. If you find you need more advanced software, you can use the program as a plugin and still have access to its powerful removal tools.

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