Pros / Support documentation offers a keyword searchable database that makes finding technical help easy.

Cons / Reporting and notification features do not include the option to send you text alerts.

 Verdict / Qustodio ranks among the top three best internet filter software programs for ease of use and comprehensive coverage for PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Qustodio is a browser-based website and pornography filter that can effectively make the internet safe for your children. Beyond being a mere website blocker, it is a tool that combats the efforts of sexual predators. It can also help you nip cyberbullying in the bud before your child is seriously impacted. Due to its diverse features that include social network monitoring and tracking smartphone activity, we have awarded Qustodio the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best internet filter software program.

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Reporting & Notification

You can gain access to Qustodio from any remote location. This means that you don't have to log in to the computer or mobile device you are monitoring to pull up activity reports and see what your kids have been up to. Since Qustodio has a browser-based dashboard, all you need to sign in to your administrator account is an internet connection and your login credentials. From here, you can see the websites your children have accessed or attempted to access, how much time they spent playing online games and other activities.

Activity Record

Qustodio keeps track of all websites visited, online searches performed, social network activity and online chat sessions. While it is not able to read emails that your child sends and receives or record keystrokes, it does have some high-functioning tools you can use to determine if your child is at risk of being approached by a sexual predator or is being cyberbullied. A Facebook activity recording feature that lets you see photographs your children and their friends upload, in addition to displaying status updates you may not otherwise be privy to, can keep you in the know about the online social life of your child. The software also tells you how much time each user has spent online.

Summary activity reports are sent to you via email on a daily and weekly basis. You can also set up the software to send you immediate alerts if your child is accessing a site they shouldn't be, but these, too, will be sent to your email. Some programs, such as McAfee, send alerts to your cell phone, so you get them quicker.. One feature that is specific to Qustodio is your ability to program a panic button feature in to your child's Android smartphone. If the child activates the panic signal, the Qustodio smartphone app sends an automatic emergency alert containing their location to you and anyone else you specify should receive it.

Filtering & Blocking

The Qustodio software includes a number of website filtering and blocking features that keep your children from accessing websites they shouldn't. In the program's settings, after you have established unique user IDs for your children, you can adjust the website categories each is given access to. Qustodio makes the policing of online activity easy by providing you with a list of different website categories you can bar your children from accessing. This includes categories like gambling, violence, mature content, pornography, drugs, alcohol and social networks. Once these rules have been set, the software detects the content on each site your child tries to access and allows or disallows it based on the site's orientation. You also have the ability to set and enforce online time limits or limit internet access to specific times of day.

Installation & Support

During account setup, you are guided through the steps of creating individual user accounts for your family members. This is where you establish internet login credentials that enable you to track and record the online activity of your children.

This is also where you can specify online access limits for your children, including blacklisting and whitelisting of certain websites. You are also taken through the steps to set time limits for individual users and install the program on various devices, including computers and compatible mobile devices like Kindle, Android and iOS tablets and phones. Adding to the program's ease of use is a keyword searchable knowledgebase and rapidly accesses FAQs and support contact information.

You can find technical support through the Qustodio online knowledgebase, which includes FAQs and frequently updated user guides. If you need to communicate with someone directly or can't find the answer you're looking for, you have the option of submitting an email request to technical support. Unfortunately there are no options for live online chat or telephone support.


Qustodio internet filter software is strong in ease of use and boasts powerful notification features, namely the Android-based panic button feature. It's highly effective at filtering and blocking websites and competent in the area of activity recording, but it only meets minimum requirements when it comes to help and support. If you are confident enough in your knowledge of these types of software programs to not need immediate tech support, you may find Qustodio to be the ideal solution for your internet safety needs.

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