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Sub Zero ID30F freezer review

An integrated double freezer that looks great and is built to last.

Sub Zero ID30F freezer review
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Our Verdict

The Sub Zero ID30F is a design statement as much as a useful drawer based integrated freezer. It's well built for quality and usability comforts, making it one of the best built-in options out there with a huge warranty.


  • 12 year limited warranty
  • Sleek design
  • Touch controls
  • Auto ice maker option


  • Expensive
  • Not the most space

You may have already seen our list of the best freezers around and the Sub Zero ID30F caught your eye. Well, this is the place to learn more.

This is an integrated freezer that aims to fit in but also stand out - in a good way as this is designed to look great. The 30-inch double drawer unit has lots of face options to fit into your kitchen space perfectly. 

Sub Zero knows how to make a freezer, and well, so you can rest easy knowing this US-made unit is both Star-K certified and Energy Star qualified and comes with a limited 12-year warranty.

So is this reliable and stunning freezer the integrated choice for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Sub Zero ID30F.

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Sub Zero ID30F

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Sub Zero ID30F

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Sub Zero ID30F

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Sub Zero ID30F freezer: Design and build

  • 4.9 cubic feet
  • 30-inch width
  • Soft-close

The Sub Zero ID30F is built to last and as such it comes with really well made parts. This integrated freezer's drawers and doors are soft-close meaning they should last longer and are easier to use comfortably.

The main unit front is stainless steel as standard, with a wide bar handle for easy opening. There are other front options including a wood panel style finish, to suit your kitchen type.

Inside there is a total of 4.9 cubic feet of storage across the two drawers, each of which are a full 30-inches wide and 24-inches deep. These are magnetically sealed so you can push and walk away knowing it will close securely. 

The drawers have dividers for easy storage and access. These are removable so cleaning should also be easy.

Sub Zero ID30F freezer: Features

  • LED soft-on lighting
  • Optional ice maker
  • Sabbath mode
  • Touchscreen

The Sub Zero ID30F comes with LED soft-on lighting throughout, meaning you're eased into the brightness - and this can be set to reach however bright you need. This can be done using the touch controls which are also available to set the thermostat. 

While the unit doesn't come with an ice maker, this is an optional additional feature. This will automatically make ice so it's ready when you open the drawer. There is also a handy Max Ice mode that increases output by 30% for a 24-hour period – ideal for a party.

These units are Star-K Kosher certified for use on the Jewish Sabbath and other religious holidays. Plus they're built to last a whopping 20 years thanks to rigorous testing. 

Sub Zero ID30F freezer: Performance

  • Energy Star rated
  • Easy access
  • Superb seals

The Sub Zero ID30F might not be cheap but to run it won't cost you a lot as this is Energy Star rated for efficiency. It's also easy on the arms thanks to those soft close and slide out drawers which are effortless.

Once closed the doors are designed to form an air seal around all four sides of the door to prevent leaks while conserving energy. The microprocessor means interior temperature stays within one degree of the setpoint – which means you get consistent food stasis. 

The soft-on LED lighting is great for use at night where you don't want to be shocked with a bright light on opening the freezer. The touch controls are super easy to use so adjusting that light, or temperature, is straight forward. 

Should I buy the Sub Zero ID30F freezer?

If you don't mind spending a bit more for a long warranty, quality build and attractive design then the Sub Zero ID30F is for you.

If you need more than five cubic feet or want to save some money, then other options are available in the forms of integrated and freestanding freezers. 

Sub Zero ID30F freezer: Verdict

The Sub Zero ID30F is an extremely well designed and built integrated freezer with a decent amount of space and super easy access. It's comfortable to use with touch controls and soft-on LED lighting plus it runs efficiently thanks to that Energy Star rating. 

This isn't a cheap unit, sure, but with up to 12 years of warranty this is something that you won't have to replace anytime soon.