Arctic Spas review

Arctic Spas brings customizable features and affordable options to its range of all-weather swim spas for you to enjoy at home.

Arctic Spas review
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Arctic Spas has a responsive sales team and lots of customizable swim spas so you can live extravagantly or find a more affordable unit that will fit your family's needs.


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    Most cost under $2 per day to operate

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    Small range of spas

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Arctic Spas has plenty to offer with its range of all-weather fitness pools, ideal for swimming, aqua workouts, or sheer relaxation and recovery from injury. As featured in our round-up of the best swim spas for home use, Arctic Spas' six-strong range combines the versatility and fun of a swimming pool, with the hydrotherapy gains of a spa, all in your own backyard.

These Arctic Spas all-weather pools come in different sizes and include features for different levels of ‘therapy’. So, much like the best hot tubs, they can also be used to reduce aches and pains, and to give you a water-based massage. 

In our Arctic Spas review, we look at what’s on offer with the Hudson, Kingfisher, Wolverine, Ocean, Athabascan and Okanagan pools to help you discover which (if any) is the best fit for your fitness needs, lifestyle, budget and space at home.

Arctic Spas review: Range 

The Arctic Spas series contains six different models, which range in from two to six seats. There are also a varying number of jets, depending on the model you choose, and each uses different swim current systems. Arctic Spas calls these ‘Tether’, ‘Monsoon’ and ‘Niagra’. 

A person swimming in a swim spa

Arctic Spas has a host of models to pick from, in a range of sizes. (Image credit: Arctic Spas)

The Arctic Spas fitness pool range comprises:

  • The Athabascan (12-person capacity; two seats, one jet)
  • The Kingfisher (12-person capacity; two seats, one jet)
  • The Hudson (12-person capacity; 26 jets, four seats)
  • The Wolverine (12-person capacity; 26 jets, two seats)
  • The Ocean (12-person capacity; 20-60 jets, six seats)
  • The Okanagan (12-person capacity; 20-40 jets, four seats)

The Athabascan is an all-weather pool with a 1,347-gallon capacity. Arctic Spas describes this option as "maximum therapy with basic swimming" and offers a single jet with two seats. It is a true all-weather pool with the largest open-water area in the company's range, and comes with a heat transfer pure fiberglass shell and  insulation system that traps warmth even during colder months. 

The Kingfisher is an all-weather pool and has lights swimmers can use to make sure they're swimming straight against the pool's current. It also has a beautiful Western Red Cedar cabinet the company builds using Western Canadian cedar. 

The Arctic Ocean model is the one recommended for therapy purposes, and has more swim spa features than the company's all-weather pools. You can select your own jet configuration and get 30, 45 or a whopping 61 jets in this model. 

The Arctic Spas Hudson pool is the most spacious and is designed with an entry-level resistance swim system (the Monsoon Counter Current) and two therapy seats. There are some nice upgrade features for this one, including a WetTunes sound system so you can listen to music in the pool.

Arctic Spas Athabascan pool in white

(Image credit: Arctic Spas)

For in-pool training and plenty of fun, look at the 40-jet Okanagan, which can be upgraded with an in-pool rowing kit and YESS Oxygen Therapy for skin health.

The Wolverine, meanwhile, boasts a full length swim zone plus two therapy seats, offering a good balance of fitness and relaxation.

You can use a smartphone app to run your swim spa from afar, opt for a speaker system and even a fancy cover to protect your investment. There are a lot of informational videos throughout the website as well to make your decision a little easier. 

The range of sizes is the smallest of the websites we evaluated with spas as small as 1,347 and only as large as 1,453, but this range does seem to be the most common sizes of swim spas on the market. There also isn’t any workout equipment for sale, but this website’s wide range of customizable swim spas make it worth a look.

Arctic Spas review: A man and a woman sit in the Wolverine Pool enjoying the view of a nearby lake

(Image credit: Arctic Spas)

Arctic Spas review: Prices

The Arctic Spas sales staff will help you customize your swim spa so that it’s as affordable or as feature-stacked as you want. In terms of pricing, Arctic Spas pools sit in the mid-range. The more expensive pools cost around $26,000 and up, but that still makes this brand competitive compared to others.

Those are the basic prices though, so expect to pay more if you want to add on extra features such as app-control. We requested a quote on a weekday and received a call back within an hour, which was by far the best response time of the fitness pool brands we contacted during our review and evaluation process. 

Should you buy an from Arctic Spas swim spa?

If customer service and low running costs are important to you, we think Arctic Spas is a great choice. It may not have the biggest range of models available, but there are plenty of ways to customize each pool to better fit your needs. 

Arctic Spas sits in the mid-range of prices too, making it a reasonable choice for people looking for a more affordable fitness pool for their backyard. And these all-weather spas aren't designed purely for working out - all of them come with at least two therapy seats, and you can add in extra functionality to boost your wellness further.

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