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Cal Spas sells eight base models of swim spa: Fitness, Swim Pro, Freestyle, Champion, Commander and Olympian. This is the second-highest number of models we found on the swim spa websites we evaluated.

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Cal Spas has swim spas large and small and while they don’t have the most powerful swim jets, they're a lot of fun for families.


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    Good build quality


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    Limited accessories available

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Cal Spas sells eight base models: Fitness, Swim Pro, Freestyle, Champion, Olympian and Commander. This is the second-highest number of models we found among the best swim spa brands we evaluated. PDC Spas and Hydropool both sell 14 models. The Fitness line has a one 6-person spa with 22 jets and another newer model with a whopping 37 jets. The Swim Pro is big enough for 11 people and has 25 jets. It's one of the company's most popular models and uses two jets to create a swimming current. 

The Freestyle line has two smaller 6-person swim spas, one with 20 jets or another with 37. Because the type of swim spa you will want or can have will depend on a variety of factors we've put together some key questions together. Just use the form below to get personalized quotes on the perfect swim spa for you.

The Commander is a 12-person swim spa with 81 jets and the Champion is meant for six people and has 41 jets. The Olympian is the most extravagant option, holding seven people with 50 jets with an additional 3-person hot tub that has 31 jets. 

This dual swim spa and hot tub keeps the swim spa water at a nice 70 degrees while the thot tub remains at a relaxing 102. All Cal Spas swim spas have jet-powered swim current.

Jet current tends to be thinner and not as smooth or powerful as paddlewheel and propeller current, so if you want swim spas specifically for athletic training you might want to check out PDC Spas. That being said, these swim spas are still great for run and relaxation with your family. The smallest is 1,500 gallons and the largest holds 2,500 gallons, which is mid-range when it comes to having a variety of sizes to choose from.

The Cal Spas website has some interesting animated graphics which you’ll either love or hate. There are also a bunch of informational videos about how their swim spas work and requesting a price quote is very easy because the button is obvious. We requested a quote on a weekday morning and got a response in 30 hours and 14 minutes, the fourth-quickest reply of the companies we tested.

Some didn’t get back to us at all. What also makes this company unique is its app: dealers can use it to show you how the spas work without you even having to visit a store or customers can use it to shop.

For more information visit their website

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