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Endless Pools review

The swim spas available at Endless Pools are great value, with strong and consistent manufacturing.

Endless Pools review

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Endless Pools is our best budget pick because you can build your own swim spa online and see roughly how much it's going to cost you right up front.


  • +

    You can build your own spa online and see the MSRP

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    Options for fitness and leisure

  • +

    Decent selection of sizes


  • -

    There aren't many swim spa accessories for sale

Endless Pools make some of the best swim spas with a propeller-powered current, so it’s going to be rather strong and consistent. If you’re unsure what you want, you can use the website’s “build your own” spa, which is a feature we really found useful. This way you can play around with systems, colors and accessories without feeling pressured by a salesperson. If you want you can also live chat with a customer service representative online.

If you’re going to build your own pool you do have to know a little about the terminology and what you want in a swim spa, as it asks you to select which liner you want and which coping system, for example. The liner is the style and color of the inside of your swim spa you’ll be able to see through the clear water and the coping system is essentially how the edge of the spa is bound together and sealed. 

Endless Pools review: Selection

This company offers several base models with a variety of great features. These start small, and can go from 7'x12' to 10'x16'. The E2000 is 20 feet long with fully adjustable swim current and hydromassage seating for when you're done with your fitness regimen. 

The X2000 has two sections with independent temperature controls so you can keep your workout area at a comfortable 82 degrees and your relaxation area at a warmer 104 degrees, with 34 hydromassage jets to boot. The R120 is touted as the company's most affordable. It has three airless swim jets so the current won't be as strong as systems that use a propeller, but you still get therapy seats and 27 hydromassage jets.

Endless Pools sells a swim spa alternative called Fastlane, which is a current generator you can install at the end of a pool you already have. If you can't decide on a swim spa you might want to consider Streamline, which is an all-in-one endless pool with smooth airless swim current you can install aboveground. The WaterWell therapy pool is more like one of the best hot tubs for rehabilitation, as the warm water does wonders for improving circulation and easing muscle pain.

Endless Pools review

Endless Pools has a great selection for fitness and leisure, but some designs are rather bulky.  (Image credit: Endless Pools)

If working out is your main goal you can get an underwater treadmill or aqua bike at Endless Pools. Underwater workout equipment is ideal for low-impact workouts as you see less joint and muscle soreness thanks to the water's support. 

The treadmill has a 20-inch belt and reach speeds of up to 5.5 miles per hour. Its stainless steel parts mean it will last longer despite being underwater. The stationary aqua bike has padded pedals, five adjustment points and drainage so it's easy to use and put away. It comes in five pieces for easy assembly but it does weigh 21 pounds, so you may need some assistance moving it.

Should you buy a swim spa with Endless Pools?

We love this swim spa manufacturer because of its transparent pricing and easy customizability. While there are seven base swim spa models available, the customization options are virtually endless with Endless Pools. 

You can opt for a mobile app to control your spa, a Bluetooth sound system and numerous color options for both inside and outside your spa. The 1,208 to 2,395-gallon capacity range is rather modest compared to other websites like SwimEx where you can get something up to 7,700 gallons, but the average user is most likely going to want to keep the spa under 2,500 gallons anyway.

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