Hydropool swim spa review

Hydropool makes swim spas for fitness, relaxation and hydrotherapy, with custom options that can be tailored to your yard.

Hydropool swim spa review
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Hydropool has a lot of swim spas that can be customized. These range from smaller, basic models to luxury, self-cleaning spas. We found the sales team slow to respond to our quotes


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    You can customize your own spa online

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    A variety of spa sizes for most yards


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    Slow to respond with quotes

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Hydropool is well-known for its range of fitness and hydrotherapy pools, and is a go-to for the best swim spas that balance price, style and functionality. With a large variety of customizable jet and design options, you should be able to find something your entire family can enjoy. 

Hydropool offers a 'build your own spa' function on its website. This is a convenient way to figure out what you want in a swim spa and to request a price online. We did this and, while we received an email saying a sales representative would follow up, we didn’t get any further information until four days after we requested a quote. 

In our Hydropool review, we look at the brand's range, the prices (where available), and whether any of these spas are a good choice for your home and fitness goals. For sheer relaxation outdoors, also take a look at our guides to the best hot tubs, as well as the best inflatable hot tubs.

Hydropool swim spa review: Models

Hydropool has three main ranges of swim spa: the Play Collection, the Aquatic Collection, and the Executive Collection. The company's smallest swim spa is 1,489 gallons while it's largest is 2,378. That's a rather low capacity range in comparison to other companies like SwimEx and H2X.

The AquaPlay 12FFP is the entry-level model in the range and is basic compared to the bigger, more luxurious Hydropool models. But it's also cheaper, making it more accessible to anyone on a tighter budget.

The Hydropool AquaPlay 12FFP has nine hydrotherapy seats, so you could pack in a few friends of family members for a relaxation session. It's also equipped with safety steps, and boasts four lit water fall jets and two round swimjets for soothing hydrotherapy and massage. It can also be customized, to a degree.

The Aquatic Collection range is much bigger, with six different spas to pick from. This line represents the mid-range in terms of price, and there are different financing options available from Hydropool to help you spread out the cost. 

Hydropool review: The Hydropool AquaSport 14 AX

The Hydropool AquaSport 14 AX is ideal for family use (Image credit: Hydropool)

The Aquatic Collection range begins with the AquaSport 14 AX, which straddles the line between fitness and relaxation, and rises up to the AquaTrainer 19 DTAX. The latter is a good choice for people who are serious about swimming and training, as its equipped with V-Twin Swim Jets for a more powerful and stable current to swim against. This self-cleaning fitness pool also has integrated LED lighting and safety steps.

Finally, and for those with no budget limitations, the Executive Collection represents the best of Hydropool's swim spa technology so far. There are four models in this range and they are much more spacious and feature-rich. You get upgraded AcuFlow Swimjets for a stable current to swim against, plus hydropfall pillows for water-based massage. A Soft Stride Floor Mat enables you to perform a wider range of physical exercises in the water.

In total, there are 11 different Hydropool spas to personalize, which comes close to the range of custom options offered by PDC Spas. You can customize most Hydropool swim spas with steps, an ozone or bromine filtration system, and various colors of internal shells and external cabinets.

Shell options range from pure white to dark grey. You can also get external siding in various colors, from black to wood, so your swim spa blends in a little better with your deck.

Hydropool swim spa review: Prices

The Hydropool site says you can customize you swim spa with workout equipment, but there aren't any prices or links to purchase these fitness products online. The brand does advertise stainless steel oars that attach to the tub so you can practice rowing, for example. There's also an Aqua Fitness Kit that essentially turns your swim spa into a water-based gym with weights and resistance bands.

Hydropool review: Hydropool Executive Sport 16Ex

(Image credit: Hydropool)

If you don't want to deal with any maintenance, Hydropool has what you're looking for. According to the promotional information we received, the company's self-cleaning spas, including the AquaTrainer 14 FX, can filter 100% of their water in 45 minutes. That's pretty speedy, but this type of technology comes at a higher price.

Hydropool's self-cleaning models (made in Canada with floor vacuums and a pressurized filter system) are priced between $14,700 and $42,295. That puts them at the higher end of the fitness pool price bracket.

Should you buy a Hydropool swim spa?

We weren't impressed by the response time when we contacted Hydropool, but the company has a world-class range of customizable swim spas. As such, you should be able to find something to suit your budget, yard space, and health and fitness goals. 

In general, Hydropool has a great selection of swim spas for people looking to improve their general mobility, so it could be a good solution if you have been advised by a doctor to use water-based exercise to rehab an injury. 

There is only one real entry-level model, so your options are limited with this brand if you have a smaller budget. There are some great models for proper swim training though, and if you want a spa and hot tub combo, there are some fantastic options here to help you workout and relax. Prices can be obtained direct from the brand's website, but be prepared to wait a few days for a quote.

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