PDC Spas review

PDC Spas is our best overall pick of swim spas because it has a huge selection of customizable models, plus some great tubs.

PDC Spas review
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PDC Spas is our top pick of swim spas. The company offers a wide range of stylish and powerful swim spas and accessories, and its customer service team is very responsive and attentive.


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    19 models, with custom options available

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    Spas suitable for a range of mobility needs

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    Economical and energy-efficient


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    Not easy to obtain a quote

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PDC Spas is the premium pick when it comes to selecting a swim spa for your home, coming out on top in our best swim spas guide. It takes a lot to be truly the best, and it’s something PDC manage by the sheer range of pools that they offer, which span models for hydrotherapy to spaces made for swimming. 

We know that cost is one of the most crucial factors on the journey to installing a swim spa; just another reason why PDC Spas is an excellent choice, with economical models that often cost as little as $1.50 a day to run. Importantly, these spas also meet the California Energy Commission Title 20 energy use testing standards. 

This review will delve into exactly why PDC Spas sell the best swim spas (opens in new tab) out there, including their customer service credentials. PDC Spas are also a standout option when it comes to the best hot tubs (opens in new tab), if you’re still assessing your options when it comes to what exactly you want to install.

website (opens in new tab)

You can request a brochure and browse the whole PDC Spas range on the brand's website (opens in new tab).

PDC Spas: Spas

With 19 different base models to choose from, PDC Spas has the biggest selection of the websites we evaluated alongside Hydropool (opens in new tab). Those spas are divided into four lines: Summit, Vitality, Synergy, and TruSwim. Vitality spas have an emphasis on fitness and keep costs low. 

They use jets to move the water and create a current you can swim in, as well as offering adjustable resistance for walking, running, lifting weights, or using a pulley trainer. You can choose between 18 or 24 therapy jets depending on the model and while there aren't any water features, you do get up to 6 HP of power, which is more than you do with the other lines available. 

The Synergy line uses jet propulsion as well, but you can go all the way up to between 36 or a whopping 65 therapy jets. A lot of these models have built-in hot tubs, which makes sense because PDC spas creates hot tubs as well as swim spas. 

With these models you'll end up getting a smaller fitness space, but these are still family-friendly solutions to both exercise and relaxation. Summit also offers jetted propulsion, and this is a premium line which features the SX19, PDC's largest available spa at 19 foot long. 

The TruSwim line is a little different. It uses hydraulic dual propellers to create a smooth swim lane. Dual prop propulsion to creates what we feel is going to be the best swim current you can find from PDC. With that line you also get six cascading water sports and between 8 and 37 therapy jets. No matter the line, you get underwater LED lighting and lots of options for grip, a floor mat and audio system.

PDC Spas review: An image of a white swim spa filled with crystal clear blue water, set into dark grey decking

PDC Spas has options that incorporate a hot tub at the end of a swim spa (Image credit: PDC Spas)

Whether it's the TruSwim, Synergy or Vitality series, there are a lot of features to consider. At PDC Spas, each spa's therapeutic jet system can be calibrated to hard or soft massage settings and water flow can be changed with an Ultra Massage Selector. 

You can select whatever jet configuration best fits your needs, whether it's play or exercise. With swim spas ranging from 1,792 to 2,700 gallons, it's not the largest selection of sizes we saw but it's still enough to work for most users. If you want an extra-large swim spa of more than 7,000 gallons, check out SwimEx (opens in new tab).

PDC Spas: Combos

PDC Spas offers spas, combos and standalone tubs, which use the same skill and construction to create high-power jets for both. The brand has 16 tubs. 

There's two three-person tubs, six five-person tubs, and for six-and-seven-person tubs it has four models each. That's an emphasis on larger capacity models, but there's a decent cross section of price across each of these capacity levels. 

PDC Spas review: An image of a hot tub encased in brown weatherproof material

PDC Spas come with LED lighting and cascade spouts (Image credit: PDC Spas)

The LifeStyle Series, for example, is designed to keep hot tubs affordable. This range goes right from the LifeStyle Mirage (three-person) to the LifeStyle Summit (seven-person) with three models in between. All of them come with hydrotherapy massage jet technology and a ten year warranty. 

There's also the middle-range Premium Series which comes with cascading spout water features, LED lighting, and a range of 28 to 62 jets, depending on which model you choose. The Luxury Series is the top-of-the-line, no expenses spared range which all come with a 35 year warranty and careful hydrotherapy design.

PDC Spas: Prices

PDC doesn’t list MSRP prices up front, but the “how to buy” link allows you to find a local dealer where you can get that information. It's also easy to decide which line of hot tub or swim spa you should choose, as there's a clear indication as to which of their models are high-end, and which are designed to be more affordable. 

We asked and customer service responded to our email immediately to let us know they would definitely ship to our location in northern Utah. And speaking of customer service, we requested a price quote and got a reply seven hours later. This was the second fastest response of the companies we reached out to. We also got an informational packet in the mail postmarked the day after we visited the website.

If you decide to make a purchase, don’t forget about the accessories. PDC Spas sells spa covers, water care filters and chemicals and even speakers so you can play your favorite tunes right through your swim spa. You can even further personalize your spa with external siding, lights, stairs and more. Keep in mind though that the more detail you add to your swim spa, the more expensive it will be.

Should you buy a PDC swim spa?

There are plenty of reasons that PDC Spas is our top pick of manufacturer when it comes to swim spas. The brand has so much versatility when it comes to customization and range, meaning that whatever you need to suit your home, you’ll be able to find it. They also offer great hot tub options, and combination models that bring you the best of both worlds. 

Of course, buying a swim spa is a big investment, but we feel that PDC make that decision a little easier with its energy-efficient qualities. You can work out the cost per day for every spa you’re interested in, and cut down dollars as much as necessary. Plus, the high degree of customization means that you can incorporate two designs you like into your perfect model.

website (opens in new tab)

You can request a brochure and browse the whole PDC Spas range on the brand's website (opens in new tab).

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