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PDC Spas review

PDC Spas is our best overall pick of swim spas because it has a huge selection of customizable swim spas.

PDC Spas review
(Image: © PDC Spas)

Our Verdict

PDC Spas is our top pick of swim spas. It has a lot of powerful swim spas and accessories to choose from and their customer service is very responsive.


  • There are 14 swim spa models to pick from and personalize
  • Options for all ages and abilities
  • Economical and energy-efficient


  • The size range isn't very large

The best swim spa will provide endless relaxation, therapy and fun with everyone in your family no matter their age or ability. PDC Spas is our best overall pick because you can shop a lot of swim spas that are sure to meet your personal needs, giving you years of backyard fun.

PDC swim spas are also economical and energy efficient. The website says most of their swim spas cost about $1.50 per day to use. The spas have also exceeded or met the California Energy Commission Title 20 energy use testing standards. In short, that's a good thing. The swim spas even use trapped hot air from internal pumps to keep the water warm.

PDC Spas review: Selection

With 14 different base models to choose from, PDC Spas has the biggest selection of the websites we evaluated alongside Hydropool. Those spas are divided into three lines Vitality, Synergy and TruSwim. Vitality spas use jets to move the water and create a current you can swim in. You can choose between 18 or 24 therapy jets depending on the model and while there aren't any water features, you do get up to 6 HP of power, which is more than you do with the other lines available. The Synergy line uses jet propulsion as well but you can go all the way up to between 20 or a whopping 65 therapy jets. TruSwim uses dual prop propulsion to create what we feel is going to be the best swim current. With that line you also get six cascading water sports and between 8 and 37 therapy jets. No matter the line, you get underwater LED lighting and lots of options for grip, a floor mat and audio system.

Whether it's the TruSwim, Synergy or Vitality series, there are a lot of features to consider. At PDC Spas, each spa's therapeutic jet system can be calibrated to hard or soft massage settings and water flow can be changed with an Ultra Massage Selector. You can select whatever jet configuration best fits your needs, whether it's play or exercise. With swim spas ranging from 1,792 to 2,700 gallons, it's not the largest selection of sizes we saw but it's still enough to work for most users. If you want an extra-large swim spa of more than 7,000 gallons, check out SwimEx.

PDC Spas review

PDC Spas even has options which incorporate a hot tub at the end of a swim spa. (Image credit: PDC Spas)

PDC Spas review: Prices

PDC doesn’t list MSRP prices up front, but the “how to buy” link allows you to find a local dealer where you can get that information. You can also visit where you can find a ton of hot tubs accompanied by their prices. These will ship to you for free, though not to all locations. We asked, and customer service responded to our email immediately to let us know they would definitely ship to our location in northern Utah. And speaking of customer service, we requested a price quote and got a reply 7 hours later. This was the second fastest response of the companies we reached out to. We also got an informational packet in the mail postmarked the day after we visited the website.

If you decide to make a purchase, don’t forget about the accessories. PDC Spas sells spa covers, water care filters and chemicals and even speakers so you can play your favorite tunes right through your swim spa. You can even further personalize your spa with external siding, lights, stairs and more. Keep in mind though that the more detail you add to your swim spa, the more expensive it will be.

Should you buy a PDC swim spa?

PDC Spas is our top pick of swim spa manufacturer, as there's a huge selection of models available and countless customization options. Swim Spas can be large investments, but we appreciated that PDC ensures their spas are energy-efficient to make the running cost as low as possible. If you can't pick between a swim spa and a hot tub, PDC even has models which incorporate both into a single design.