SwimEx swim spa review

SwimEX makes six swim spas for home use, and they can be installed indoors and outside, and upgraded with a range of aquatic exercise equipment.

SwimEx swim spa review
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SwimEx spas use paddlewheel and propeller current, making their swim spas some of the smoothest for lap swimming in place.


  • +

    Suitable for indoor or outside use

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    Can be installed above or below ground

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    A choice of propeller or paddlewheel currents

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    Multi-depth levels in the higher end spas


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    No up-front pricing

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SwimEx fiberglass fitness pools are ideal for families looking for a place to swim and have fun in the water together, as well as for people who are serious about swimming and want to train year-round. SwimEx has made our round-up of the best swim spas for home use, but it also makes professional-level pools for health centers and training facilities. 

One of the big draws with SwimEx pools is that they are highly customizable and designed for a range of aquatic workouts, including aerobics and strength training. While these spas do not incorporate hot tubs, throughout the review we will highlight alternative brands selling spa-tub combos if that’s your preference. 

In our SwimEx review, we look at the product range, the main design features and benefits, and the price of a SwimEx swim spa to help you decide whether any of these models are the right choice for you.

SwimEx swim spa review: Range

SwimEx makes residential pools, professional pools and plunge pools, catering to pretty much any aquatic exercise or hydrotherapy need you may have. Our review focuses on the range for home use, which SwimEx calls Residential Lap Pools. 

SwimEx review: The Triton pool within a marble-effect wood surround

(Image credit: SwimEx)

There are six different models within the SwimEx Residential Lap Pool line, ranging from an entry-level (cheaper) pool for beginners and families who just want some water-based fun, through to a state-of-the-art SwimEx 1000 S Series Pool. The full line-up is as follows:

  • SwimEx Triton
  • SwimEx 400 S Series
  • SwimEx 500 S Series
  • SwimEx 600 S Series
  • SwimEx 800 S Series
  • SwimEx 1000 S Series

The 50-inch deep Triton is the cheapest SwimEx pool, but it certainly doesn’t look budget. This one-piece spa is handcrafted in the US and can be installed above or below ground, and both indoors or outside. It’s designed with 99 different speed settings, with a quiet motor that’s energy efficient too. 

At the opposite end of the scale lives the 1000 S Series, the largest SwimEx Pool (water surface spans (3.05m x 4.27m). It has multi-level areas ranging in depth from four to six feet, making it suitable for a range of in-pool exercises.

All of the reviews come with non-skid flooring, handrails and recessed ladders to make getting in and out easier. They differ in terms of the size, water capacity and depth, plus the amount of power and speeds on offer. 

SwimEx swim spa review: Design and features

As we’ll cover further into our SwimEx review, these spas are made from a fiberglass composite wrapped around a balsa wood core. Non-slip fiberglass maintains water pressure, while the wood boosts strength and insulation.

Every SwimEx pool can be customized depending on your fitness needs and budget. For example, there are options for propeller or paddlewheel swim spas, depending on the model, though paddlewheel designs are its speciality. 

SwimEx swim spa review

SwimEx has options for all abilities and levels of fitness. (Image credit: SwimEx)

As covered earlier in our SwimEx review, there are six different Residential Lap Pools including. The Triton has propeller-driven swim current, which is better than models that use jets because its stream is deeper, smoother and wider, though not as much as paddlewheel current.

It is 50 inches deep, has 99 speed settings and a non-skid floor surface, among numerous other user-friendly features. The water flow is even generated by the same kind of industrial-grade motor that produces paddlewheel swim spa current.

The 400 Series swim spa, on the other hand, uses a paddlewheel to create swim current. This creates the strongest, widest current on the market by pulling water through and pushing it out the other side of the swim spa. The 500, 600, 800 and 1000 models all use paddlewheel current as well. The designs all vary with the 1000 model being the largest.

The smallest model available is a 2,600-gallon swim spa while the largest holds 7,700 gallons. This is the widest capacity range of the websites we evaluated, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find something for families large or small. With any of these pools, you could do a wide range of exercises including weight lifting, resistance training or even walking on an underwater treadmill.

The 1000 S can come with up to 12 hydrotherapy jets, two underwater lights and a natural gas, propane or electric heater, depending on your preferences. You can choose underwater lights and jets for the 600 S along with colored work stations, an integrated treadmill, custom pool and coping colors or touchscreen monitor for your workout program.

SwimEx review: The SwimEx 1000S pool installed in a basement fitness room

(Image credit: SwimEx)

Regardless of the model you choose, you can customize it to fit your needs in the "options" tab of the website. If you don't want your equipment built into the spa, an aqua bike and underwater treadmill are available for purchase separately. Both cost upwards of $2,000.

SwimEx also has an exercise DVD set available if you need help getting started. The website also has a lot of information about the benefits of aquatic therapy, but you should always talk to a doctor before trying any kind of regimen.

SwimEx swim spa review: Pricing

There aren’t any prices available up-front with SwimEx. To get a quote, you’ll need to submit an inquiry via the brand’s website. We did just that and got a response back from a sales representative in under a day. 

This was the third-fastest response time from the companies we evaluated, just behind PDC Spas and Arctic Spas. The basic cost of a SwimEx rises quickly when you add in optional extras such as a surround sound system or a camera to film your swimming technique.

Should you buy a SwimEx swim spa?

If you want a swim spa with a great variety of options for exercising in water, SwimEx is a solid option. The brand makes a great six-strong selection of fitness pools, and all of them you can customize. 

The depth of each spa varies, as does the speed and propulsion system, but most models feature a deeper section for treading water. They can be installed indoors and out, and either above or in-ground, making them more versatile than a lot of their competitors. 

We’d recommend using the SwimEx interactive tool to figure out which types of spa features you need the most. You will then be able to get a quote based on your preferences, and any extras you’d like it to have, such as a HD video camera system for monitoring swim strokes. 

For further ways to relax in water in your backyard, check out our guides to the best hot tubs as well as the latest inflatable hot tubs.

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