T-Mobile launches new $25 unlimited plan with no catch

T-Mobile launches new $25 unlimited plan with no catch
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T-Mobile has introduced a new prepaid promotion which provides incentives for customers on other prepaid MVNOs to switch to Metro by T-Mobile. This announcement comes directly from the T-Mobile website, where a blog post explains the new prepaid offerings.

It's a step that goes against what the popular cell phone provider said it would do to regulators when it acquired Sprint back in 2020 (as spotted by The Verge), but it's one that could prove useful for those looking to save money.  

The new prepaid promotion waivers switching fees, offers discounts on an unlimited plan with 5G and there's a trade-in offer for a new 5G phone too. The promotion is aimed specifically at Boost customers that are currently on Sprint's old CDMA network. That's because T-Mobile is planning on shutting it down which means many Boost customers are going to need a device upgrade by January 1st 2022. 

As T-Mobile puts it, "get half off your unlimited line when you switch from Boost or Cricket by bringing your phone number to Metro by T-Mobile and trading in ANY working device for a limited time. Yes, any — even that old flip phone!" which sounds pretty competitive to us. There are no switching fees involved either. 


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T-Mobile offers some of the best 5G coverage in America and is easily one of the best cell phone providers for video. Metro by T-Mobile is similarly strong with its offerings and it looks like it just got even better. Currently, the deal providers customers who switch and trade in a phone with a two-year discounted $25 per month price on an unlimited plan with 5G. That means unlimited talk, text, and data which works out as extraordinary value. 

This is definitely the time to eye up one of the best smartphones especially if you genuinely have an ageing flip phone. 

It's potentially a cynical move from T-Mobile with a very aggressive campaign, right down to its EVP, Jon Freier, announcing in a statement, "if Cricket or Boost won’t upgrade their customers to 5G, Metro by T-Mobile sure will," but this could prove highly beneficial for customers. 

The offer starts today so if you're looking for a new deal, this might be the time to consider switching over. 

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