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The Best Places to Hide a Spare Key

While hiding a spare key somewhere around the house is super important in the event you're ever locked out, don t hide it in such a way that it creates a security risk. The easiest way a burglar can rob you is by finding your spare key. In that situation, even the best home security systems may not help.

The usual places, like under your doormat or a fake plastic rock near the door will not do the trick. You have to be more creative than that. It's important to stash the key somewhere that's easy for you to quickly and easily access your key but that will be impossible for a burglar to find.

There are two ways you can hide your spare key. The first technique is hiding it where the burglar will not think to look. The second technique is using a location so obscure that a burglar has to spend a lot of time and make a lot of noise to retrieve the key. The last thing a burglar wants is to spend more than a few seconds at your front door where anyone might see him.

Here are some tips on hiding a spare key for your home.

1. Inside a Key Ring Knocker

Replace your usual knocker with a large key ring containing a bunch of keys. You can even connect two or three rings, which means even more keys for the burglar to deal with. Of all the keys, one of them should be the right one. The thought of having to choose the right key from 50 or more decoy keys is enough to discourage a would-be burglar. Plus, the noise (not to mention the time spent) a burglar makes trying to find the right key is not what he or she wants.

If you are still afraid the burglar might find the right spare key, you can place the key in another well-hidden location and just leave the decoys on the door knocker.

2. Inside a Rain Gutter

Check around the house for a readily available rain gutter. A good one directs water away from the house. It must be a closed type of gutter and slanted in such a way that water flows along the bottom part of the gutter only. You need to place the key on the inside of the gutter, at the top part where water will not corrode the key. To attach the key, buy a heavy duty Velcro strip that can attach to rough surfaces. Attach the key to the top part of the Velcro strip and then stick it inside the gutter.

3. A Fake Sprinkler Head

This is one of the most inconspicuous hiding places. It is impossible for a burglar to tell a fake sprinkler head from a real one. However, you must already own a sprinkler system for this idea to work.

4. An Outdoor AC Unit or Grill

Find an inconspicuous spot to hide your keys in your air conditioner. An outdoor grill also has many hidden locations you can use. Make sure that someone standing over the AC or grill cannot see the key. You can also use a magnet to ensure the key sticks to a well hidden surface.

5. On Your Dog s Collar

Enlist Fido to help you find a secure place for your house keys. A particularly aggressive dog is perfect for this. Hide the key in a pouch within your dog's collar. The burglar will not think to look there, and if he does, an aggressive dog is too much trouble.

6. A Jar of Keys

Like the key rings on the knocker, this trick gives the burglar a very hard time finding the key. Fill the jar halfway with decoy keys and throw the right key in there too. It should be distinguishable by you but not by a burglar. You can even have numerous key shapes and colors to ensure that the right key does not stand out. Shake the jar to mix up the keys.

7. Under a Real Rock

Put the key inside a bottle and then glue a real rock on top of the bottle. Bury the bottle such that only the rock   and not the underlying bottle   shows.

Worst Places to Hide a Spare Key

Under the doormat, a fake rock near the door, under the flowerpot or in your wallet are all bad places to hide your key. If a thief steals your wallet, using the address on your driver's license or other identifying information, he can easily figure out where you live.