This is where to find Emily Mariko's iconic toaster oven

Emily Mariko Balmuda toaster oven
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TikTok isn't just the home of the latest dance trends, it's also where you'll find Emily Mariko – a lifestyle influencer whose salmon bowls and perfectly minimalist kitchen have earned her over 10 million followers. If you've been watching her content as obsessively as us, you'll have seen that she recently unboxed one of the best toasters from Japanese brand Balmuda. 

While not all of us can be quite as organized and put together as Emily Mariko, we can take inspiration from her kitchen appliances. Her new toaster oven isn't any ordinary device – at a cool $299, it's definitely one of the more high end toasters we've come across. 


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The sleek appliance fits in perfectly to Emily's neat and monochrome kitchen. It's available in Black, White, Gray and Taupe and features two dials to control the settings and temperature of the toaster oven.

The Balmuda toaster oven has five different modes that are designed to get the best out of whatever you are trying to toast. There's a Sandwich Bread mode for thin-sliced bread and muffins, an Artisan Bread mode for crisping up craft sourdough loaves, a Pizza mode to perfectly reheat your leftover pizza, and a pastry mode to keep your croissants moist. 

You can even use it like a traditional oven. It can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the settings you choose. This two-in-one appliance is especially handy for people with smaller kitchens, as you can fit a toaster and oven on limited countertop space! 

Be mindful though that this oven is considerably smaller than most of the traditional best ovens, as it is only 14.1 inches wide. As such, you won't be able to fit large dishes in it - but you can reheat your leftovers and make meals for two people comfortably!

Emily Mariko Balmuda toaster

(Image credit: Balmuda.)

Another interesting feature of the Balmuda toaster oven is that you can use a little bit of water to steam your baked goods, which means that they won't dry out when you reheat them. Simply pour in a few drops of water using the measurer provided and let the magic happen. 

As the water heats more rapidly than the air, the steam locks in the bread's moisture while enabling the toaster to crisp up the sides until golden brown. Wave goodbye to stale toast! 

Purchasing the Emily Mariko toaster oven will set you back $299, which some may consider an eye-watering amount for a toaster. However, if you don't have room for a traditional oven, this might just be a game-changer for you. 

While we absolutely love the new Emily Mariko toaster oven, we have to give her old Breville Mini Smart Oven its dues. This countertop oven produced so many persimmon toasts and tray bakes, we'd be remiss to omit it! 

While it's not as sleek-looking as the Balmuda toaster oven, it has just as many functionalities and costs a fraction of the price. An ideal choice if you're on a budget but still want to copy Emily Mariko's breakfasts!

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