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You can turn your barbecue into a pizza oven with this simple device

This simple device will transform your barbecue into a pizza oven
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Pizza ovens are hard to find (and super sold out right now), but if you've got a gas grill, you may not even need one. Pizza stones are a simple way to transform your barbecue into a pizza oven, making them a great father's day gift for the the grill-master of the house. Frozen pizzas are also proving to be a lockdown essential, selling out nationwide and facing sales increases of up to 195%. For anyone facing major pizza withdrawal, a homemade one will definitely hit the spot. 

It makes complete sense to cook a pizza on your barbecue - Italians have cooked pizza in wood-fired ovens for generations. The grill from a pre-heated pizza stone will give your homemade pizza a crisp, crunchy base, and closing the lid on your barbecue will melt cheese and cook toppings without burning them. This works well for an authentic thin-crust pizza in particular, which can be easily achieved my making your own pizza dough using a stand mixer

Pizza stones also work in ovens. 

Pizza stones also work in ovens.  (Image credit: Amazon)

Weber (who make some of the best gas grills in the business) recommend pizza stones for an "added smoky flavor that is unmatched by any oven. The stone also is your answer for the crispy crust everyone loves because it absorbs moisture while cooking."

You can also add a great custom take on pizza night with your family by making homemade pizza with an arrangement of toppings. We're talking pepperoni, veggies, pineapple (hey, we're not judging) and whatever you happen to have in the house.

Hans Grill Pizza Stone: $49.99 at Amazon

Hans Grill Pizza Stone: $49.99 at Amazon
This pizza stone comes with a pizza peel, instructions, and even a recipe. You can also use it to make cookies, calzones and flatbreads. 

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