Black & Decker CTO6335S Review

An accomplished toaster oven that cooks evenly and looks good while doing it.

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This six-slice toaster offers a variety of settings and cooks food to a perfect golden brown. The additional convenience features and included accessories make this a great purchase for any kitchen.


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    It cooks evenly and has good temperature accuracy.


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    The touchpad is more complicated than it should be.

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The Black + Decker CTO6335S toaster oven is a powerful device that is wide enough to fit six slices of bread at once and it offers some of the best toasting evenness and temperature accuracy of any toaster oven we tested. This means your food will be cooked through without being singed around the edges or cold in the middle. It is perfect for busy households due to its low exterior temperatures and large cooking space. For when the best toasters won't do, and you need a special toaster oven, this is the one to get.

Black + Decker sells this toaster oven for $99.99, but we were also able to find it for under $65 on Amazon at the time this article was published. While it isn't the cheapest priced device in our comparison, it is relatively low cost considering its size and included convenience features.

This toaster oven performed well in our testing. When we made toast, the golden coloring was very even across the board with none of the toast looking or tasting burnt. We cooked frozen burritos to see how well the device could handle frozen food items. The tortilla came out a beautiful golden color and the beans and cheese were warm all the way through. It also performed well in our cookie dough test evenly cooking the dough in all places and provided a perfect light gold coloring on the outer crust. The one area this device didn't perform as well in was the pizza reheat test. The bread was a little too crispy and dry and the pepperoni and cheese began to burn slightly. That being said, the pizza slices were still edible, if not perfect.

We were surprised to find the touchpad interface somewhat difficult to use, especially compared to the other devices we tested. The buttons didn't always respond to our touch so we sometime had to press the buttons two or three times before they reacted to our touch. You couldn't set the timer until you had chosen a temperature setting. This isn't the worst thing in the world, but it did detain you a little longer instead of allowing you to get on with your life. You can set the toaster oven temperature between 200 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This device was one of the most accurate in our temperature test, which means you can expect it to cook your food at the heat level you want.

This Black + Decker toaster oven gives you plenty of room to heat pizzas, burritos and a decent number of chicken nuggets at once. It also features a convection fan so your food can cook faster and more evenly. As stated before, this device offers a touchpad interface. It also has a digital display so you can keep track of the current temperature and timer settings. It took just under 4 minutes for this toaster to reach 350 degrees, which was pretty average.

The toaster oven comes with one rack that you can adjust into two different cooking slots to cook your food closer or further from the heating coils when necessary. You can set the timer up to 120 minutes, which is the longest of any device in our comparison. However, it doesn't offer a stay on feature for longer cooking sessions. The oven has four cooking functions – bake, broil, frozen snacks, and of course, toast, so you can cook your food in whichever way works best. There are also four food preset buttons for potatoes, cookies, pizza and bagels so you can quickly set the temperature and timer with the press of a button.

The broiling rack fits snugly inside the included baking sheet so you can use it to cook meats or greasy items without getting your food soggy or dripping into the oven. When you are done cooking, the device's nonstick interior makes it easier to clean and the crumb tray is easy to remove and put back.

We measured the back of the device at 121 degrees Fahrenheit. While it wasn't the hottest device in our comparison, it still gets plenty hot so you'll want to make sure not to place this unit too close to your kitchen wall or any other objects. We also measured the sides and top of the device and found that it only got to about 98 degrees, which is much cooler than most other toaster ovens. You won't have to worry about burning yourself on the handle as it measured at room temperature.

When the timer finishes counting down, the device automatically turns off to prevent overheating. Black + Decker covers this toaster oven with a two-year warranty, which is better than average but doesn't come close to competing with the Oster TSSTTVDFL2's five-year warranty.

The Black + Decker CTO6335S is a powerful toaster oven that gives you a decent amount of space. The included convenience features, convection fan and even cooking abilities make this one of the best devices in our comparison.

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