The GE AJCQ12DCG is a powerful, energy-saving wall air conditioner that can cool a good-size room. In addition, it has several helpful features, including an automatic restart and a remote control.

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The GE AJCQ12DCG is a nice, energy efficient wall AC with plenty of convenient features. While it can cool a good-size room, it might take a while to do so because of its subpar airflow – given its price, we would hope for better.


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    It is very energy efficient.


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    This is the heaviest AC we reviewed.

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The GE AJCQ12DCG is a powerful, energy-saving wall air conditioner that can cool a good-size room. In addition, it has several helpful features, including an automatic restart and a remote control. This is a relatively compact unit, but it’s a little on the heavy side, which may be an issue when you install it. It is also the most expensive wall AC we reviewed.


This 12,000 Btu AC can comfortably cool a 550-square-foot room. However, it has a low airflow of 270 cubic feet per minute, so it might take a little longer to feel the effects than it would with some similarly powerful units we reviewed. Considering the GE AJCQ12DCG’s price tag, we would have hoped for a better airflow

It's hard to beat this through-the-wall air conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.5 – the unit can keep a room nice and cool, even during miserably hot months, without racking up an expensive electricity bill. The other GE model we reviewed, the GE AJCQ10ACG, is the most efficient in-wall air conditioner we looked at, so GE units are an excellent choice if energy efficiency is important to you.

The AHCQ12DCG is Energy Star qualified and holds AHAM certification. It’s estimated the unit costs about $102 per year to operate, which is less than some of the very best models.


You can use the unit’s remote to control its settings from anywhere in the room. The AJCQ12DCG also has a programmable timer, so you can set ahead of time when you want it to start and stop cooling. For example, you can set the AC to turn on shortly before you come home from work so the room is comfortable when you arrive but you don’t have to pay to cool it all day while it’s empty.

This air conditioner also includes an energy-saver mode, which cycles the compressor and fan on and off together. There is also an automatic restart feature that restores the AC’s setting if there is a power outage. However, it doesn’t have a sleep mode, which increases the temperature gradually during the night so your room isn’t uncomfortably cold in the morning.

If the room is already cool enough but you want a breeze, you can use one of the AJCQ12DCG’s fan-only modes to circulate air without running the compressor. This GE wall AC also makes the room more comfortable by removing 3.4 pints of moisture from the air per hour as it cools. However, it doesn’t have a dehumidify-only mode that would allow it to extract even more moisture.

Design & Warranty

This is a standard-size in-wall air conditioner, but it is the heaviest model we reviewed – 82 pounds. As such, you may need help installing it. The air filter, which catches dust and allergens, is washable and easy to remove and reinsert. There is a built-in reminder to let you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.

GE includes a one-year appliance warranty and a five-year compressor warranty – both standard warranty lengths in the industry. If you have problems or questions, you can check the FAQs section on the company's website or speak to a customer service rep through live chat or email.

The GE AJCQ12DCG wall air conditioner can keep a room cool without using a lot of electricity, and it has energy-saver and fan-only modes that can further keep your costs low. It includes conveniences like a remote control, an auto-restart feature and a programmable timer. However, it’s airflow is lower than we like to see, especially on a AC unit that costs as much as the GE AJCQ12DCG does.

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