American ES10N-50R review

The American ES10N-50R electric water heater gives you a 50-gallon tank with easily adjustable temperature controls and overheating protection.

American ES10N-50R review
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The American ES10N-50R is a large capacity water heater, however, it has been discontinued.


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    Large capacity

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    No longer widely available

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The American ES10N-50R water heater is electric-powered and has a capacity of 50 gallons. 

Rating highly for its energy efficiency, the American ES10N-50R is actually no longer widely available. To find more modern options, head to our guide on the best water heaters around.

American ES10N-50R: Features

The American ES10N-50R electric water heater has a 50-gallon tank. Its controls are easy to use and there's also an overheat protection feature. It is an energy-efficient water heater, and its 3-inch layer of foam insulation is environmentally friendly.

This is a relatively short storage tank water softener, coming in at just 49.75 inches high and featuring diameter, width and depth measurements of only 24 inches each. This trim size gives you the flexibility to place your water heater somewhere other than the garage or basement. Where you keep your water heater will, of course, be dictated to a degree by the location and accessibility of power outlets, plumbing pipes, and drainage capabilities.

This self-cleaning model uses a polymer diffuser dip tube that circulates the incoming cold water and stirs around any sediment, which reduces buildup inside the bottom of the tank. This saves you some maintenance and breakdown worries. This water heater's interior shows a corrosion-resistant lining of fused ceramic that is durable enough to keep this appliance working for years without difficulties.

This electric water heater operates with two screw-in incoloy heating elements encased in stainless steel. These 5,000-watt, 240-volt devices are designed to last longer than copper heating elements, and this water heater's upper heating element offers Dry Fire Protection. This stops it from burning out if it senses there is no water at that level.

With an energy factor of 0.95, this is a high-efficiency water heater that saves you money in the long run over a standard electric model. The corrosion-reducing anode rod within the tank, which extends into the water from the top, is durable with a stainless steel interior. This should extend the life of your water heater.

You can operate this heater using an electronic touchscreen that lets you set the operating styles, including energy saver and vacation settings, so you can cut down on utility costs when you don't need the water heater on full duty. The electric junction box is positioned on top of the water heater and can handle half-inch or 0.75-inch conduits. This heater is also equipped with a brass drain valve, a trait it shares with AO Smith.

The American ES10N-50R water heater comes with excellent warranties of 10 years each for the tank and parts, which means you can enjoy a reliable flow of hot water for a long time. You also get a one-year warranty for labor, which is typical in the industry.

Should you buy the American ES10N-50R?

The American ES10N-50R water heater offers a good warranty, a large capacity, and an energy-efficient option. It has, however, been discontinued so you will be better off choosing a more readily available option. 

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