Yale Assure Lock SL Review

The Yale Assure Lock SL is one of the most secure smart locks you can buy and has a modern and sleek look.

Yale Assure Lock SL Review
(Image: © Yale)

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The Yale Assure Lock SL is a great modern smart lock with remote access capabilities and easy installation. Because it comes with a deadbolt and keyless entry, it’s one of the most secure options you can buy.


  • +

    Extra secure thanks to keyless entry

  • +

    Sleek and discreet

  • +

    Remote monitoring

  • +

    DoorSense means you can check if your door is unlocked


  • -

    Limited to 25 codes

  • -

    Runs entirely on batteries, meaning it’s a hassle when they run out

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The Yale Assure Lock SL is a sleek, smart, and reliable lock which can be bought as a keyless option, or with a key. We would suggest buying the keyless lock, which is the more secure option of the two. The lock comes with a deadbolt, so you’ll need to change yours on installation. However, it’s still quick to install and easy to monitor remotely. Check out our guide to the best smart locks for more options.

With WiFi compatibility, you can add and remove additional access codes to your door as you see fit with the Yale Assure Lock SL. This is especially useful for busy households or those with holiday rentals and Airbnbs. 

Yale Assure Lock SL: Main features

Although they may be a little unfamiliar looking, a keyless smart lock is the way to go if you want unparalleled security for your home. Nobody can pick your lock if you don’t have a keyhole. All you need to do is remember your code… or not lose your smartphone

The Assure Lock SL has a minimalist and discreet design. It looks modern and even has four color options to choose from. This includes satin nickel, bronze, brass, and black. Simply pressing the front of this smart lock can lock it behind you, or wake it up, ready for you to enter your code. The keypad is backlit and the numbers won’t wear off with use, so this smart lock should last you a long time. 

You can actually get this smart lock with a key option, if you’re not 100% ready to get rid of your favorite keyrings just yet. You’ll still get the same great functions with the smart keypad if you choose this option, but obviously you’re more vulnerable to break-ins. 

The Yale Assure Lock SL runs on four included AA batteries. This will keep your lock running for a long time, because it has battery-saving features such as a timeout if you’re taking too long to enter a code. It claims to have a 9V battery backup, meaning you should be safe if your batteries die.

 Yale Assure Lock SL: Smart features

So how smart is the Yale Assure Lock smart lock? Well, it has a WiFi compatibility option which makes it as smart as a lock can get. This will cost extra, but allow you to unlock your door using Bluetooth and manage codes remotely. You can create permanent, scheduled, or temporary codes for people you trust. This is especially useful if you own an Airbnb and need to regularly allow new guests in, and change the codes when they leave. It’s also handy for use with cleaners, babysitters, dog walkers, or housesitters. 

With DoorSense included, The Yale Assure will also let you know if your door hasn’t closed properly. It won’t close it for you, but it will potentially save you a needless journey back home when you’re unsure if you’ve locked your door and have no way to check.

Yale Assure Lock SL: Installation 

Yale Assure Lock SL Review

(Image credit: Yale)

Because this is a deadbolt lock, it’s a little more fiddly to install than retrofitting. This can be worth it though, because the bolt is excellent and it’s motorized, making this smart lock a lot quieter than the average lock. 

The free app will make it easy for you to install this lock, because it offers step by step installation and programming instructions. Users reported that this took as little as half an hour, and nobody reported it taking over an hour. Do check before buying this lock that it will fit on your door though. It’s designed to fit a standard door with the following dimensions:

  • 2-1/8" Bore Hole
  • 1" Edge Hole
  • 2-3/4" or 2-3/8" Backset

Should you buy the Yale Assure Lock SL? 

If you like the idea of keyless entry to your home, the Yale Assure Lock SL is a good choice. It has a stylish and discreet design, and it’s also perfect for remote monitoring, which is something that not all smart locks offer.

For those with busy lives or holiday rentals, the WiFi compatibility of this smart lock is especially useful. You can store and delete up to 25 pin codes for friends, family, and visitors, and monitor each one when used to access your home remotely. 

The battery-powered element could be a concern for users, because when you have a keyless lock there’s no backup. Of course, most homes have multiple entry points, at which point it will just be a case of changing the batteries. However, you can give your lock a temporary charge using a 9V battery, which is enough to get you in the door. 

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