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YouTube ads are about to get less annoying, thanks to a new Chrome update

YouTube ads are about to get less annoying, thanks to a new Chrome update
(Image credit: Kon Karampelas on Unsplash)

Unskippable adverts in videos might be the greatest of mankind's petty sins, but the Coalition for Better Ads has unveiled a new Better Ads Standard for adverts in online videos. The best part of this? Google is a founding member of the CBA and it’s looking to implement the recommendations across Google Chrome and YouTube. Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers, and these changes can only make things better.

The CBA’s recommendations apply to online videos that are less than eight minutes long and seek to eliminate the most annoying issues people have with adverts in these videos: unskippable adverts lasting longer than 30 seconds, mid-roll ads that interrupt the video, and text pop-ups or overlays that cover a large portion of the video.

Spokespeople for various members of the CBA gave statements to support the announcement, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe: “Video content is a fast-growing sector and advertising is fundamental to funding it. Advertisers, agencies, ad tech companies, and publishers should ensure that video advertising addresses consumer expectations, and to that end they are encouraged to quickly adopt this new Standard,” said Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe.

Google has declared that it hopes to start implementing these recommendations into both YouTube and Google Chrome within the next four months. Importantly, Google says that it will block all adverts on websites that break the rules, which should serve as a harsh deterrent for annoying ads.

More guidelines, than actual rules

This isn’t the end of adverts as we know it though. The guidelines set down by the CBA aren’t mandatory or enforceable, so other video streaming platforms and web browsers are under no obligation to obey them. But Google Chrome is easily the most popular web browser in the world and YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the web, so the vast majority of users should see an improvement in their video watching experience.

While ads are annoying, they aren’t the worst thing that you can run into on the internet. If you want to protect yourself from malicious software then be sure to check out our best antivirus software guide. We’ve also got our round-up of the best VPN services to help keep you safe and anonymous online.

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