Invoiceit Lite Compare Quotes

Pros / This software has some of the best choices for customization, including over 200 fonts and a full color palette.

Cons / Invoices we emailed never went through.

 Verdict / Invoiceit is good for customization of invoices, but the software is extremely dated, and some of the features did not work for us.

Invoiceit billing and invoicing software walks you through each step of setting up your company, including customizing your invoices. Creating invoices is a less-intuitive process with this software than it is with many other services we reviewed, though, and when we tested the service, the email function never worked.

This invoice program walks you through setting up your company's portal, designing your template, and adding your contact and shipping information, among other steps. You can return to this setup at any point, such as if you want to edit your template. This invoice software allows you to edit every element of your invoice. You can choose from over 200 fonts and different colors to apply to different areas of your template rather than choosing one for the entire invoice.

Before creating invoices, you can add your customers' contact information to your client list. When creating invoices, you also can add customers and items, which save in your main lists. Some services require you to add that information before creating an invoice, or allow you to add them but do not have the information, so this is a handy function.

After creating invoices, you can save, print or email them. When sending emails, the system populates the email saved on the account, or you can enter one manually, including a courtesy copy and blind courtesy copy email address. You also can edit the body of the email.

When we tested the email functions of this billing software, it indicated that the email was sent, but it never showed up. Some services at least provide a notification if the system fails, but this software did not, which is concerning. This invoicing software lets you save invoices as PDFs, so you can attach them to an email and send them manually with your own system.

You can run reports and print them or export them to Word. You can choose from sales reports for invoices, profit and products, or finance reports for receipts and taxes, among other choices.

This service has fewer support options than others. There is no telephone number or live chat for talking with a representative. But there are help topics within the program, and you can email customer support. When we sent an email request with questions, customer service responded quickly, which is good to see, given that it is the only direct means of contact with the company.

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Invoiceit has good features, particularly if you prefer to customize your invoices to reflect your company's vibe. But, being older software, many aspects of it are dated, and because the emailing feature never worked for us, this invoice program is not the best choice.

Invoiceit Lite Compare Quotes