Pros / This service offers the option to process credit cards from within the software.

Cons / To set up your email, you have to manually enter your SMTP server and port number.

 Verdict / kBilling offers typical features and is simple to navigate, but some of its functions are dated, making it them more difficult to use compared with other services.

While many companies that offer billing and invoicing software are turning to online services rather than desktop software, kBilling chooses to keep its invoice program on a traditional desktop platform. This software offers some features that not all billing and invoice software does, such as in-program payment processing, but some other functions are dated. The look of the software itself suggests that it is an older program, but kBilling invoicing software still has its merits and is fairly easy to use.

After downloading the software, you set up your company by entering the name and address. This is a simple process compared to billing software systems that require numerous steps for initial setup. However, this also means that you'll have to add more information later. You can jump directly to creating an invoice, adding new customers and items as you go. Some software requires you to add all customer and item information beforehand, which can be less convenient. However, if you add new items or customers as you go, this invoice program does not automatically save the information. So if need to send an invoice to the same customer more than once or use an item on more than one invoice, you'll save time by adding that information before creating an invoice.

When customizing invoices, you can choose from over two dozen templates with different color schemes, fonts and layouts. The fact that you have so many choices is a plus, especially because you cannot manually edit the templates. You can adjust the names of the sections on the invoice, and you can add your own company logo. You can also choose templates with remittance slips for your customers to return with their payments.

As is the case with all services we reviewed, you can email invoices directly to customers from within the software. This is one of the processes that is very dated, however. You are required to enter your email SMTP server and port number, and sometimes even your username and password. Most newer services only require your email address. The necessity to fill out the server and port indicates the software is not updated with the newest technology. Once you enter this information and a customer email address, it is a simple click to send the invoice. This service also automatically emails customers when their bills become overdue, saving you from having to remember to send a reminder.

This software provides the option to process credit card payments, which is a feature you will not find with many programs. You must have a merchant account with a payment processor and set up the payment gateway. You can post payments to invoices, either partial or in full. Unlike some newer services, kBilling does not have a customer portal.

Beyond standard invoices, kBilling offers some common features that help with the billing and invoicing process. You can set invoices to recur if needed, and you can create batch invoices if more than one customer is to receive the same invoice. You can create quotes and proposals before creating official invoices and run any of six types of reports, which you also can export to Excel.

In case you need any help when using the software, there is in-program help that is organized by topic and is searchable. That knowledgebase is also available online, along with a small FAQs page, or you can fill out an email form or find the phone number for customer service if you would like help from a representative.

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While the kBilling invoice software is dated, it still offers many useful features for invoicing and billing within a platform that is easy to navigate. You have a number of templates to choose from, though you do not have as much control over customization as with other services. While you can email invoices to your customers, the process of setting up email is more complicated than with newer software. While this application can help you with your invoicing and billing, there are newer services that are easier to use.

kBilling 3.9.1 Compare Quotes

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