Pros / You can use multiple currencies for a single business, choosing from dozens of currencies from around the world.

Cons / There is no live chat.

 Verdict / Zoho is a solid choice with its simplistic and effective program, allowing you to set up your company quickly and jump right into creating and sending invoices.

Zoho is an online service with modules to manage the ins and outs of your business. And when it comes to billing and invoicing, its stand-alone invoice module is one of the best. This online service lets you manage your customers, items and invoices in an easy-to-use platform you can access from any computer as well as on your smartphone with mobile apps. Zoho Invoice's simplicity makes it user friendly, and its features make it a strong program. After testing Zoho, we present it with our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for billing and invoicing software.

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One aspect we appreciate with Zoho is how easy it is to use. You don't have to download any software because it is an online service. Setting up your account and your company takes a few quick steps, and you're ready to send invoices almost right away. You can add customers and items to their respective lists or you can add them as you create invoices. You can adjust the description and prices without affecting the original saved information. With Zoho, you can use multiple currencies on the single account, which is not an option with many billing software options. You can include personal customer notes, add terms and conditions, and include payment options.

For personalizing your invoices, you choose one of two invoices. You can also download more online. With Zoho, you can edit the elements of the invoice, including the addition of your own logo. You can change the layout, alter the font and its color, adjust items listed and their titles, and add a header and a footer. For your emails, you can edit the general comments and subject that auto populate and add a BCC email.

Billing & Payment

When you've finished creating your invoice, you can save it as a draft or send it right away, at which point you can edit generic email comments and attach any other pertinent documents. You can attach invoices as a PDF, but Zoho also provides a private customer portal where your clients can view their invoice and their transactions as well as edit their account information.

If you choose to set up a payment gateway, customers can pay their bills from their portal. You can link customer accounts to payment methods that apply directly to their account, including PayPal, and Stripe, among other choices. If you choose to receive payments by other means, you can enter those manually and apply them to accounts. If a customer misses a payment, you can send a reminder manually or you can enable up to three automatic reminders emailed a specific number of days before or after the due date.


Zoho Invoices offers plenty of reports to keep track of your finances and payments, among other choices. You can run sales reports by customer, sales representative or item. Receivable reports detail balances, invoice aging and estimates. You can run reports about payments, taxes and time sheets as well. Zoho has an internal, online spreadsheet in which you can work with your reports, or you can export reports to Excel, save as a CSV or PDF, or print a hard copy for your records.

Help & Support

To learn more about using the software, you can view webinars or take a virtual tour of the platform and its features. A What's New section keeps you up to date with changes, and the main website is a good resource with an explanation of features. You can contact customer service 24 hours a day on weekdays through telephone or send an email request. This company does not offer live chat.


Zoho online invoicing software is an all-around stellar program. It offers the majority of features we consider important for billing software, and setting up your company, creating invoices and processing payments are all smooth processes. Because it is modular, if your business is growing, you can add other programs to manage your business, but even if all you are looking for is a solid billing and invoice program, Zoho Invoice is a great choice.

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