Pros / MaxEmail has the least expensive basic faxing package of all the services we reviewed.

Cons / This service only saves your faxes for 30 days before automatically deleting them.

 Verdict / MaxEmail is a decent value for basic business faxing needs.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is now part of eFax. The original review is below, but check out our current Fax Software reviews here.

MaxEmail business online fax service meets the standard needs for internet faxing. You can use the service through an internet portal or use the fax to email service. The service supports several email clients, including Microsoft Outlook. This fax service is one of the few that offers a voicemail option combined with its fax services.

Faxes are delivered as PDF or TIFF attachments. The basic service includes 250 free inbound faxes per month and 100 outbound faxes to U.S. destinations. These are some of the lowest numbers on our online fax service review. Higher-ranked products offer more pages that can be shared between sending and receiving. However, if you do not frequently fax, this may not be a drawback, based on your needs.

Additional pages beyond those limits cost 5 cents per received fax and 10 cents per sent. These limits and prices are competitive compared to other fax services we reviewed, though the monthly subscription fee of $7 is the cheapest. However, this service charges a $10 setup fee unless you sign up for the free trial first.

MaxEmail offers local and toll-free numbers to more than 150 area codes. If you use the toll-free option, you do not have a page allowance. Instead, you pay 10 cents per fax. The numbers can be configured for faxes, voicemails or both. MaxEmail supports international faxing, though charges the current international-per-minute rate. This is standard for any internet faxing service that offers international faxing. The service allows you to upload an image of your signature and insert it into documents prior to being faxed out.

In our tests, we were able to quickly set up our account, log in and begin faxing to both fax numbers and email addresses. We had little trouble navigating the platform and setting our account preferences. Furthermore, MaxEmail provides a mobile app for iPhone and Android, which makes it easy to send and receive faxes when you are out of the office.

With this application, you are able to fax to an email account, email a fax and receive faxes. Fax storage is limited to 30 days before being automatically deleted. However, you do have the option of storing your faxes in your email client and retrieving them indefinitely.

MaxEmail also has Spam Guard. This feature alerts you when a fax has been received from an unknown individual without a fax number listed. You then decide whether you would like MaxEmail to continue sending the fax to your inbox or reject it. If you decide to reject the fax, it does not count toward your monthly received-fax page limit.

The service provides online FAQs and email support. We received an answer to our emails within three hours, and customer service representatives responded to all of our questions without a sales pitch. MaxEmail does not offer phone support of any kind.

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With the exception of a setup fee and a few missing features, MaxEmail is comparable to most online business fax services in our lineup. It doesn't have as many customer service options or features, such as longer fax storage time, as higher-ranked services have. However, the overall value and spam guard make it a decent choice for business faxing.

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